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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student Nicolas Danel Duel Commander Monthly @ Baraka Jeu (Beauvais, France) 3-4 16/06/24
Satya, Aetherflux Genius Nicolas Glatt Duel Commander Win a Biland @ Fantasy Sphere (Toulouse, France) 7 16/06/24
Aura Hexproof Nicolas Bohny Pauper MTGO Creator Showdown 2 14/06/24
Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student Nicolas Huard Duel Commander Duel des commodors #1 @ Toulouse (France) 5-8 09/06/24
Walls Scombo Nicoló Brandolese Pauper Pauperissima Summer edition @ Magic Akiba (Mariano Comense, Italy) 2 09/06/24
Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy Carlos Nicolas Lopez Bravo cEDH 3er Clasificatorio Stack Surfers 2024 @ Ludum Bar (Santiago, Chile) 9-16 08/06/24
Tivit, Seller of Secrets Nicolás González cEDH 3er Clasificatorio Stack Surfers 2024 @ Ludum Bar (Santiago, Chile) 9-16 08/06/24
Big Red Nicolai Andreassen Bye Modern Sřrlandsmesterskap: Sommer 2024 @ Kristiansand Magic (Norway) 5-8 08/06/24
Temur Delver Nicolas Laumonier Legacy Weekly Troll2Jeux @ Troll2jeux (Paris, France) 4 04/06/24
Hardened Scales tunicoberno Modern MTGO League 4 03/06/24
Amalia Combo Andrea Nicolosi Pioneer RCQ @ Playtime (Como, Italy) 5-8 02/06/24
Jeskai Ephemerate Nicolas Komanski Pauper Dutch League - 4th Leg @ Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 1 01/06/24
Stiflenought Nicolás Rupcic Premodern Event @ Magic Lair (Argentina) 5-8 01/06/24
Prossh, Skyraider Of Kher Nicolň Davanzo Duel Commander IX Tappa lega @ Bear's Lair (Biella, Italy) 2 01/06/24
Old Stickfingers Nicolas Prail Duel Commander Les 3 Tours #3 @ Tours (France) 9-16 01/06/24
Boros Convoke Nicolas Biekert Standard US Regional Championship #6 @ DreamHack Dallas 65-128 01/06/24
4c Legends Aggro Nicole Dubin Standard US Regional Championship #6 @ DreamHack Dallas 65-128 01/06/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot Nicolas Bernon Duel Commander DC des Licornes @ Le Conseil Des Licornes (Bourges, France) 5-8 31/05/24
Niv-Mizzet Reborn tunicoberno Pioneer MTGO League 2 27/05/24
Eris Antonin Nicolas Duel Commander CR Pays de la Loire @ Angers (France) 5-8 26/05/24
Flicker Tron Nicola Rispoli Pauper LPCaserta - Finale - Road to Pisa24 @ Cerberus Comics & Games (Aversa, Italy) 3-4 26/05/24
Oath of Druids Nicolas Fama Premodern Open Patrio @ Bazaar of Bahgdad (Argentina) 2 26/05/24
Oath of Druids Nicolás Fama Premodern Event @ Magic Lair (Argentina) 3-4 25/05/24
Kraum + Tymna Nicolas Fletcher cEDH Misty Mountain Gaming Clash for Cards @ GalaxyCon (Oklahoma City, OK) 17-32 25/05/24
Amalia Life Nicolas Biekert Pioneer RCQ @ Blue Cat Games (Kelso, WA) 2 25/05/24
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