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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Death's Shadow Josh Mcclain Sunday PTQ @ MagicFest Columbus 3-4 26/11/19
Paradoxical Urza Josh Mcclain Star City Games IQ @ Brooklyn 2 26/10/19
Emry Urza Josh Mcclain Star City Games Team Open @ Philadelphia 5-8 05/10/19
Ironworks Combo Josh Mcclain Nerd Rage Gaming CTQ @ Cedar Rapids, IA 2 12/05/18
Selesnya Tokens Josh McClain Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad (Madrid) 22/04/16
Eldrazi Aggro Josh McClain Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch (Atlanta) 07/02/16
4c Rally Josh Mcclain Grand Prix Oakland 2016 5-8 10/01/16
Abzan Rally Josh McClain 2015 $50k Championship 5-8 06/12/15
Temur Aggro Josh McClain SCG Standard Open Kansas City 5-8 22/11/15
Abzan Midrange Josh McClain Grand Prix Providence 2015 5-8 20/06/15
Liege Junk Josh McClain Pro Tour Fate Reforged (Washington D.C.) Other 08/02/15
Thune Pod Josh Mcclain Grand Prix Omaha 2015 9-16 11/01/15
UW Control Josh McClain TCGplayer Open 5K Chicago 2 15/03/14
Birthing Pod Josh McClain Grand Prix Richmond 2014 5-8 09/03/14
Devotion to Blue Josh McClain 2013 Max Point Series Championship 1 03/11/13
Birthing Pod Josh McClain Grand Prix Detroit 2013 1 15/09/13
Reanimator Josh McClain Grand Prix Miami 2013 2 30/06/13
Melira Pod Josh McClain PTQ Barcelona (Niles, Illinois) 5-8 25/02/12
Kessig Titan Josh McClain States 2011 - Iowa 3-4 15/10/11
Caw-Blade Josh McClain PTQ Nagoya (Des Moines, Iowa) 5-8 26/03/11
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