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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Boros Convoke Timothy Rasmussen Standard Regional Championships @ ANZMTG Super Series (Melbourne, Australia) 17-32 25/05/24
Talion, the Kindly Lord Mads Munk Rasmussen cEDH Shark Con One @ Faraos Cigarer (Copenhagen, Denmark) 9-16 04/05/24
Red Deck Wins Asmussen Standard MTGO League 8 13/03/24
Amulet Titan Timothy Rasmussen Modern Sunday 5K - ANZMTG Super Series @ Melbourne (Australia) 17-32 09/03/24
Boros Aggro Asmussen Standard MTGO League 8 04/03/24
Angels Asmussen Standard MTGO League 1 27/11/23
Red Deck Wins Asmussen Standard MTGO League 3 06/11/23
Cascade Crash Christian Rasmussen Modern 2-Slot RCQ @ Mox Boarding House (Bellevue, WA) 3-4 21/10/23
UR Murktide Victor Emil Rasmussen Modern Nordic Masters - Mindstage @ Baltiska Hallen (Malm÷, Sweden) 9-16 02/09/23
Reanimator Tom Rasmussen Premodern LCOS Event 3-4 12/02/23
Elves trasmussen2710 Legacy MTGO Challenge 1 03/12/22
Devotion to Green Timothy Rasmussen Pioneer Super Series Final @ ANZMTG Super Series (Sydney, Australia) 17-32 25/11/22
Juri, Master Of The Revue Mikkel H°i Rasmussen Duel Commander Danish Nationals @ Tier1con 1 07/08/22
4c Yorion Mads Blumensaat Rasmussen Modern European Championship Qualifier I @ Spilforsyningen (Aalborg, Denmark) 1 27/07/22
Red Deck Wins Ben Rasmussen Pioneer 1K @ Gamer's Library 5-8 09/07/22
Grixis Death's Shadow Victor Rasmussen Modern Tier1Con Trial @ Faraos Cigarer (Denmark) 3-4 25/06/22
TES trasmussen2710 Legacy MTGO Legacy Challenge 8 06/07/20
Temur Adventures Timothy Rasmussen Standard WPNQ Final @ Good Games Cannington 5-8 07/03/20
Ug Flash Ben Rasmussen Standard WPNQ @ Nerd Rage Gaming (Buffalo Grove, IL) 2 15/12/19
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Mikkel Rasmussen Duel Commander Monthly Duel Commander @ Magic Player (HolbŠk, Denmark) 2 18/08/19
Izzet Phoenix Thomas Rasmussen Modern Modern MCQ @ MagicFest Birmingham 2019 1 16/08/19
Humans Mads Rasmussen Modern European Modern Series @ Spilforsyning (Aalborg, Denmark) 5-8 10/08/19
Izzet Phoenix Thomas Rasmussen Modern Grand Prix Bilbao 3-4 16/03/19
Izzet Phoenix Thomas Rasmussen Modern MagicFest Bilbao 2019 - Modern MCQ 5-8 15/03/19
Cruel Grixis Control Blake Rasmussen Canadian Highlander There Can Only Be One, Eh? @ Mox Boarding House Seattle 1 20/10/18
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