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Mono Black Obliterator Takano Masato Modern Seasonal Championship : Autumn @ Hareruya (Akihabara, Japan) 5-8 29/10/23
Monoblack Control Ben Otteson Modern Win a Box @ Blue Cat Games (Kelso WA) 5-8 27/05/23
Orzhov Ephemerate Alex Cacciani Modern Event @ Eroi di Arcadia 2 30/08/21
Devotion to Black Emmanuel De Almeida Modern Monthly Event @ Jeux Barjo (Bordeaux, France) 2 25/10/20
Orzhov Midrange Yasui Shigeto Modern Weekday Modern @ Tournament Center @ (Japan) 1 17/07/19
Devotion to Black KillaGerm Modern MTGO Modern Event 3 23/06/19
Obliterator Black Yasui Shigeto Modern Holiday Modern @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 29/04/19
Mono Black Devotion Ikuta Masaya Modern Holiday Modern @ Tournament Center (Japan) 1 30/03/19
Mono Black Devotion Ikuta Masaya Modern Let't 5 Modern DX @ Tournament Center 2 19/03/19
Mono Black Devotion Shiba Koujirou Modern 2nd Anniversary Modern @ Hareruya (Osaka, Japan) 5-8 31/12/18
Orzhov Midrange RonaldoJin Modern MTGO Competitive Modern League 5 04/12/18
Orzhov Midrange Darthkid Modern MTGO Competitive Modern League 4 23/11/18
Mono Black Devotion Diego Rio "dmyr" Modern PPTQ @ Qg des Avenjoueurs (Roue, France) 3-4 12/08/18
Mono Black Devotion Sue Takeshi Modern Weekday Modern @ Tournament Center (Japan) 1 26/07/18
Mono Black Devotion Davissen Michael Modern Win Signature Spellbook : Jace @ Hareruya (Japan) 3-4 16/06/18
Orzhov Midrange Adrian Quintana Modern Modern 1k- Darkside Games 1 06/01/18
Monoblack Devotion Djamel Atlaoui Modern MKM series Trial @ GuildofGamers (Barcelona) 8 22/10/17
Rakdos Aggro EpicWarfare Modern MTGO Competitive Modern League 3 10/06/17
Abzan Obliterator Jochem Wieringa Modern Dutch Open Series Qualifier 5-8 20/05/17
Black Devotion Gabilo, Marjo Modern GPT Manila @ Friday Quest 2 07/05/17
Mono Black Devotion Micol Sta.ana Modern GPT Las Vegas @ Collector Legion 3-4 26/03/17
Death's Shadow IxidorsDreams Modern MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League 1 13/03/17
Orzhov Midrange Oda Makoto Modern Modern Cup @ Tournament Center 3-4 21/01/17
Orzhov midrange Oda Makoto Modern Modern Cup @ Hareruya (Japan) 7 09/08/16
GB Rock Bucciarelli Sebastien Modern MKM Series trial(Madrid) Strasbourg 5-8 05/06/16
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