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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Queen Marchesa Dinno Zaide Duelan @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 3-4 08/05/21
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Bruce Kho Valero Cup @ Mana Underground (Lagro QC, Philippines) 2 06/02/21
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Bruce Valero DC20 Trios @ Mana Underground (Quezon City, Philippines) 2 09/01/21
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Genvresse Mathieu DC @ La Caverne Du Jeu (Calais, France) 3-4 09/10/20
Aminatou Quentin Pottier Duel Commander @ Asgard TCG (Toulouse, France) 3-4 13/09/20
Queen Marchesa Clément Jouanjean DC tournament @ Geek Factory (Lamballe, France) 5-8 15/08/20
Queen Marchesa Brice Di Stefano EDH magicfrag @ Magicfrag (France) 1 06/08/20
Aminatou, The Fateshifter Anthony Barbosa Relic Commander @ Relic (Toulouse, France) 2 19/07/20
Jirina Kudro Mathieu Numa Mardi Magic @ Sortilčges (Vannes, France) 3-4 14/07/20
Aminatou Claude "meuz" Roger Zap Double Monthly @ Palaiseau (France) 5-8 04/07/20
Aminatou Alex Llojira Zap Double Monthly @ Palaiseau (France) 3-4 04/07/20
Queen Marchesa David Fernández Duel Commander Shark Games @ Málaga (Spain) 1 01/03/20
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Bruce Valero Battle for Duals @ Tapped games (Marikina City, Philippines) 2 29/02/20
Karlov Bruce Valero DC Showdown @ Roll Play Game Lounge (Mandaluyong City, Philippines) 5-8 23/02/20
Zur The TT Thomas Mechin [DC] Saint-Nazaire 2020 @ Saint-Nazaire 3-4 23/02/20
Aminatou Oracle Adrien "soullessoni" Demoget Zap Février @ Palaiseau 9-16 16/02/20
Queen Marchesa Evan Ferrante Duel Commander February @ Los Angeles (CA) 2 03/02/20
Aminatou, The Fatestitcher Mikhail Protasov Winter Commander @ Biblioteka (Volgograd, Russia) 5-8 01/02/20
Aminatou Reanimator Wu Jiahui "Tree of Tales" Cup @ Shanghai (China) 1 01/01/20
Monarch Control Martin John Ogayon Saturday Duel Commander @ Fulcrum ESports (Philippines) 2 21/12/19
Karlov Of The Ghost Coucil Karlov Of The Ghost Alexis Susani Nexus Duel Commander de Noel @ Muret (France) 3-4 15/12/19
Queen Marchesa Martin John Ogayon Saturday Dunkin Donut Duel 3D @ Eastwood (Philippines) 1 07/12/19
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Alexander S FNM Hiveworld @ Cologne (Germany) 1 06/12/19
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Henryk Hecht 7th Duel-League @ Leipzig (Germany) 1 01/12/19
Queen Marchesa Maximov Alexander City Championsh @ Volgo Games 5-8 01/12/19
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