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Jyoti, Moag Ancient Nuttawut Nana Duel Commander Draw7 Masters - Open series #6 @ Thailand 8 13/07/24
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Huahui He Duel Commander BuBan S2 Qualifier #2 @ Buban Club (Shanghai, China) 2 03/03/24
Big Teferi Vitao Duel Commander League Dc @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 3 02/03/24
Galazeth Prismari Hotaru Duel Commander Thursday Night Turbo @ France 3-4 22/02/24
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Ying He Duel Commander BuBan S1 Final @ Buban Club (Shanghai, China) 1 28/01/24
Galazeth Prismari Edgar Franken Duel Commander WANTED Saison 9 #1 @ CartaRennes (Rennes, France) 1 17/01/24
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Kevin Leal Duel Commander Nexus Episode 3 @ Muret (France) 5-8 13/10/23
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Jindřich Petr Duel Commander Blood Moon DC @ (České Budějovice, Czech Republic) 3-4 19/08/23
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Danpeng Yang“niaoyu11” Duel Commander A-Ma Cup @ Model Card (Beijing, China) 2 05/08/23
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Jiawei,chen Duel Commander Lachesis Cup @ Nice Club (Wuxi,China) 2 04/08/23
Baral And Kari Zev Marin Boulangé Duel Commander OQ @ LudoTrotter (Angers, France) 5-8 21/05/23
Will / Rowan Juca Duel Commander [RC] 7º Torneio @ Tower of Cards (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) 1 05/11/22
Will / Rowan Juca Duel Commander [RC] 12º Torneio @ Manavai (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 1 22/10/22
Ertai Resurrected Ismael Lessa Duel Commander [RC] @ Cards of Paradise (Vila Kosmos, Brazil) 1 28/09/22
Imoti, Celebrant Of Bounty Juca Duel Commander [RC] 7ª Liga @ Bangu (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 5-8 29/05/22
Keranos, God Of Storms Flavio Guio Duel Commander [RC] 8º Torneio Cachu @ Espito Santo (Brasil) 3-4 27/05/22
Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy Jim Degsi Duel Commander CEO Circuit Season 2 @ Johnson Gaming (Baguio City. Philippines) 3-4 03/04/22
Tefeiri Adrien Gau Duel Commander Duel commande online 9 @ France 1 08/03/22
Saheeli Elisson Primo Duel Commander Torneio Real Vanguarda @ Bangu (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 2 30/01/22
Slogurk, the Overslime Clément Lagarde Duel Commander Wanted #4 @ CartaRennes (Rennes, France) 3-4 29/09/21
God-eternal Kefnet Alexandre Casagrande Duel Commander Tournoi Win DCI @ Pile ou face (Agen, France) 5-8 05/09/21
Koma Jarno Duel Commander Weekly DC ZAM @ Cockatrice 2 11/03/21
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Jesusextraturns Duel Commander Commander League V2 S0 1 26/11/20
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Hu Minzhe Duel Commander 118th "New Year Cake" Cup @ Shanghai (China) 2 31/10/20
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Chung Tang Duel Commander RJ Cup @ League Castle (Mong Kok, Hong Kong) 2 17/10/20
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