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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Animar, Soul of Elements Garret Gaa cEDH $100 multi edh circuit week6 @ Upkeep Hobbies (Philippines) 2 17/03/24
Isshin, Two Heavens as One Diego Garay cEDH Portal Tropical [Commander Budget 200 Usd] @ Torneo Dicespell (Santiago, Chile) 5-8 16/03/24
Feldon, Ronom Excavator Bavan Schimper Duel Commander Hex Club: DC Championship @ The Stone Dragon (Kempton Park, South Africa) 6 25/11/23
Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes Pedro Domínguez cEDH 2do Torneo EDH Commander San Miguel @ Landfall TV (Santiago, Chile) 5-8 23/09/23
Dragon Stompy ??? ???? Legacy Vaisravana of Legacy Championship @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 29/04/23
Djeru and Hazoret Takeuchi Kento cEDH Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 17/04/23
Ognis, The Dragon's Lash Paul Magnaye Duel Commander MTG LIPA'S Tourney @ Lipa City (Batangas, Philippines) 4 18/09/22
Jodah, Archmage Eternal Colton Rogers cEDH CommandFest Richmond Badge @ Star City Games 5 04/06/22
Ghired, Conclave Exile Nathan Hammett cEDH CommandFest Richmond - VIP @ Star City Games 12 03/06/22
Etali, Primal Storm Yahaba Hirokazu cEDH Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 03/01/22
Kroxa Reanimator Eik The Necromancer Duel Commander 5th Webcam-League @ Leipzig (Germany) 1 13/08/21
Electro-End Wagner Alexandre Modern Trial MKM Paris @ GoG Therville 3-4 14/04/19
Electro-End Archangelic76 Modern MTGO Competitive Modern League 2 09/04/19
Electro Living End GlauberT Modern MTGO Competitive Modern League 8 19/03/19
Sakia Mael Gourves Duel Commander Duel commander Magic Kemper 3-4 19/11/17
Xenagos, God Of Revels Gianmaria Acciarri Duel Commander Terza Tappa Lega Eternal @Dal Tenda Perugia 2 13/03/17
Mono Green Titan Oliver Biesgen Modern Bottroper Modern 1 30/08/15
Radha, Heir to Keld François Mallet Duel Commander Valence Commander II (Valence) 5-8 09/03/14
Purphoros, God of the Forge Eric Bondoc Duel Commander Madcap Gaming #6 (Philippines) 2 09/02/14
Radha, Heir to Keld Yan Lorente Duel Commander EDH (Caen) 4 14/04/13
RUG Pod Nikos Michailidis Standard PTQ Seattle (Athens, Greece) 1 30/06/12
Gr Aggro James Bush Standard Starcitygames Open Series: Memphis 5-8 25/02/12
Kessig Titan Heath Dunbar Standard States 2011 - Kansas 1 15/10/11
RUG Pod Mael Veron Standard States 2011 - Québec Libre 3-4 15/10/11
Red Deck Wins Louis Walker Standard Star City Games Open Atlanta 5-8 10/09/11
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