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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Kari-zev Radek DC mini Březen @ Úvaly (Czech Republic) 2 19/03/21
Red Deck Wins Peter Steenbeke Gentry ! @ The Gentry Magic League 1 01/09/20
Red Deck Wins Ben Belmans Gentry ! @ The Gentry Magic League 1 25/08/20
RDW Iwaide Yoshitaka Joe Down Event @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 09/08/20
Red Deck Wins David Steinke Gen Con Online Arena Championship (Invite Only) @ Pastimes 5-8 02/08/20
Red Deck Wins Koshimoto Haruki Tokai King Cup 10th @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 26/07/20
Red Deck Wins Makino Takahito Planeswalker Championship @ Hareruya (Tokyo, Japan) 5-8 11/07/20
Red Deck Wins Jordan Forte-christie Scottish Freebie FNM @ Scottish MTG Community 1 10/07/20
RDW Marcelo Cansian FNM @ Deckmaster Games 2 03/07/20
Red Deck Wins Jordan Forte-christie Joint Scottish FNM @West End Games 1 03/07/20
Red Deck Wins Cameron Doran Joint Scottish FNM @West End Games 3-4 03/07/20
Red Deck Wins petomartinez MTGO Standard Challenge 7 28/06/20
Red Deck Wins Marcelo Cansian Event @ Deckmaster Games 2 26/06/20
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