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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
UR Aggro Tobias Haffling Standard Gentry Championship @ KortspelsfŲrening (MalmŲ, Sweden) 5-8 12/05/24
—omos Convoke, —emby Is Alive Daniel Rivas Standard Oko Store Championship @ Trade Store (Paraguay) 5-8 11/05/24
Yutaro Morimoto Standard Pro Tour Thunder Junction @ Seattle 32 26/04/24
Grixis Marchesa U-per Ru-per Standard Izzet Explosive Experiment Event - Souhong Cup @ Japan 5-8 21/04/24
Boros Control Shiotani Keiichirou Standard "Murders at Karlov Manor" Store Championship @ Hareruya (Nipponbashi, Japan) 5-8 10/03/24
—ok —ok Daniel Rivas Standard Store Championship Karlov TSPY @ Trade Store (Paraguay) 6 09/03/24
Izzet Control Pelli#75695 Standard Rapsolo's Arena Tournament 5-8 07/03/24
Jeskai Control Rug Cur Standard FNM @ Golden Store Talenti (Rome,Italy) 1 28/02/24
Naya Aggro Alessandro Asquini Standard Open @ The Pizza Box 1 25/02/24
Red Deck Wins Yoshimatsu Ryousuke Standard 13th Standard Kamui Decision Battle @ Sapporo (Japan) 5-8 24/02/24
Rakdos Midrange David Yang Standard RCQ @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi) 5-8 24/02/24
Boros Convoke strong sad Standard MTGO Preliminary 6 21/02/24
Naya Aggro Juni Motoyoshi Standard Azure Cup- Izzet Explosive Experiment Event @ blue cup (Japan) 5-8 10/02/24
UR Aggro Sawada Jun Standard Champions Cup Store Qualifier @ Hareruya (Osu, Japan) 3-4 27/01/24
UR Pirates Aggro Sawada Jun Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 22/01/24
Izzet Terror Yagi Tomohiro Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 22/01/24
Naya Pia Bryan O'neill Standard RCQ @ The Arcane Lab (Merced, CA) 5-8 21/01/24
Jund Anvil Matias Standard Tournament @ Rapsolo 5-8 11/01/24
Rakdos Anvil Samsoni1 Standard Jaffer's Mini Mosh @ Jaffer's Coliseum 3-4 04/01/24
Gruul Aggro Corredor Standard MTGO League 8 29/12/23
Jund Anvil Matias Standard Holidays Tournament @ Rapsolo's Community 5-8 28/12/23
Boros Control Barbudo Standard MTGO Challenge 32 5-8 23/12/23
Jund Anvil Matias Standard Holidays Tournament @ Rapsolo's Community 3-4 21/12/23
Red Deck Wins Skoje22 Standard Holidays Tournament @ Rapsolo's Community 5-8 21/12/23
Gruul Dinosaur Asai Takahiro Standard Store Championship @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 10/12/23
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