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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Red Deck Wins Alexstrom Standard Gentry Championship @ Kortspelsf÷rening (Malm÷, Sweden) 3-4 12/05/24
Gruul Aggro Stanley Hartman Standard Super RCQ @ SCG CON Richmond 2 05/05/24
RDW Sett3 Standard Thunder Junction Bonus Store Championship @ Rally Point Games (Fennimore, Wisconsin) 1 04/05/24
Red Deck Wins Matsuda Hideyuki Standard Champions Cup Area Qualifier @ Seagull (Sendai, Japan) 5-8 21/04/24
Red Deck Wins Ipau Standard Rapsolo's Arena Tournament 3-4 21/03/24
Red Deck Wins Nishimura Hiroshi Standard Champions Cup Store Qualifier @ Mint (Shibuya, Japan) 5-8 17/03/24
Red Deck Wins Chris Donaldson Standard Hunter Burton Memorial - HBMO24 - Common Ground Games RCQ @ Hurst Conference Center (TX) 9-16 17/03/24
Red Deck Wins Stanley2099 Standard MTGO League 2 17/03/24
Tatu Pochy Luis Ricardo Aoshi Standard WPN RCQ @ Trade Store (Asuncion, Paraguay) 4 16/03/24
Mono-red Aggro Paolo Bini Standard WPNQ @ Wonderland (Bologna, Italy) 1 16/03/24
Red Deck Wins Nishimura Hiroshi Standard Champions Cup Store Qualifier @ Batoloco (Takadanobaba, Japan) 5-8 09/03/24
Boros Aggro Oomori Shohei Standard Champions Cup Store Qualifier @ Yokohama (Japan) 5-8 25/02/24
Monored Aggro Dylan Mcdonald Standard RCQ @ J&L Games (Kelso, WA) 5-8 24/02/24
Red Deck Wins fingers1991 Standard MTGO Challenge 64 11 18/02/24
Red Deck Wins deleon91 Standard MTGO Challenge 32 5-8 17/02/24
Red Deck Wins merses Standard MTGO Challenge 32 5-8 17/02/24
Red Deck Wins deleon91 Standard MTGO League 6 16/02/24
Red Deck Wins Succulent Standard MTGO Preliminary 6 13/02/24
Jeskai Aggro Gui Gui Standard Ligue En Melee #14 @ Lord Hebus Magic 2 25/08/21
Rakdos Mid Gustavo Prol Standard Event @ Loja Taverna Geek (Santos, Brazil) 2 22/06/21
Izzet Aggro Shinkins Standard MTGO Standard League 4 03/06/21
Red Deck Wins Cloudhell Standard Ligue En Melee Mai Finale @ Lord Hebus Magic 3-4 29/05/21
Red Deck Wins KO_Mak Standard MTGO Standard Challenge 2 26/05/21
Izzet Spells George Seed Standard Artisan Artists 14 @ Hello Good Game 3 22/05/21
Gruul Aggro Trail_ku Standard 58th Event @ Friday Asim Magic 3-4 21/05/21
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