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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Pirates Jean Gaidioz Standard Monthly @ Carta'jeu (Lyon, France) 1 11/08/19
Boros Aggro masahiko Standard MTGO Standard League 8 08/07/19
Boros Legends H0lydiva Standard Fandom Legends 5-8 27/06/19
Grixis "spacebar" Midrange Edwin Edward Sitanto Standard Battle of Nexus @ Surabaya (Indonesia) 5-8 09/06/19
Gruul Aggro Suzuki Kento Standard The Finals 2019 Qualifier - @ Hareruya (Japan) 4 02/06/19
Grixis Midrange Sayama Tatsunosuke Standard Planeswalker Weekend: War of the Spark @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 26/05/19
Rakdos Aggro Calebd Standard Fandom Legends (with WotS) 5-8 25/04/19
Jund Aggro The_nayr Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 24/01/19
Jeskai Aggro kokoko098 Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 03/01/19
Jeskai Aggro Ohtani Tetsuya Standard The Finals 2018 - Top8 5-8 22/12/18
Boros Legendary Control manwithplane251 Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 13/12/18
Pirates !!!!! Jean Gaidioz Standard wrata'jeu Win-a-box dominaria @ carat'jeu, Lyon, France 5-8 17/06/18
Pirates !!!! Jean Gaidioz Standard WaB Dominaria @ Carta'Jeu (Lyon, France) 2 20/05/18
Gruul Historic Donovan Lachney Standard PPTQ Advantage Games @ Northglen, Colorado 3-4 05/05/18
Boros Aggro Riachuelo Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 6 26/04/18
Mono Red Aggro Helder Alvarenga Standard PPTQ @ Avalon store Americana 3-4 15/04/18
Big Red Adam Fisher Standard Store Championship @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi) 3-4 06/04/18
Red Deck Wins NovaExplovise Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 05/04/18
Red Deck Wins Kensuke Kato Standard Grand Prix Kyoto 2018 - Team Trios 3-4 25/03/18
Monored Aggro Tyler Harris Standard PPTQ @ Action-Sports Games (Gladstone, MO) 4 04/03/18
Br Midrange Stefan Beerens Standard Dutch Open Series Standard 5-8 25/02/18
Mono Red Aggro Mario Gazzetta Standard PPTQ Minneapolis @ Geex Hobby Store (Brazil) 5-8 25/02/18
Mono Red Babych Yurii Standard PPTQ @ Hobby Monster (Lviv, Ukraine) 5-8 17/02/18
Red Deck Wins Vasco Veves Standard Milton Keynes PPTQ 2 11/02/18
Rakdos Aggro Daniel Novelli Standard PPTQ @ Fantasia (Rovereto, Italy) 6 11/02/18
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