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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Food Chain Ikegami Akira Legacy Karakas Rumble @ Omiya (Japan) 5-8 13/01/24
Golgari Depths DNSolver Legacy MTGO Challenge 4 01/08/22
Lands MatsOle Legacy MTGO Legacy League 15 27/02/21
Nic Fit David Anes Legacy Paper Discord tournament @ MTG Paper Legacy 5-8 15/08/20
Hogaak ReCalibrator Legacy MTGO Legacy League 6 18/04/20
Food Griffin Francesco Merolla Legacy Arcana League 19-20 #4 3-4 05/01/20
Nic Fit Marco De Santis Legacy Underdog Legacy League 2019 #8 @ MagicHistory (Perugia, Italy) 3-4 20/10/19
Sneak Fit Erik Tiekstra Legacy Event @ Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) 2 21/09/19
Maverick Food Chain Thiago Bellott Legacy 51║ Alpha Legacy @ Portal TCG 1 31/08/19
Dark Depths MatsOle Legacy MTGO Legacy Challenge 7 29/07/19
Maverick Chain Thiago Bellott Legacy 45║ Alpha Legacy @ Cards of Paradise (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 8 23/03/19
Golgari Fit Romain Van Den Daelen Legacy Le Bougnat Challenge #1 @ Clermont-Ferrand 1 17/03/19
Food Chain Jesper Holm Legacy Stockholm Competitive Legacy Event 3-4 11/02/18
Food Griffin Tommy Tomsovic Legacy Nerd Rage Gaming Legacy Championship Trial 1 10/02/18
Food Griffin Sam Kuprewicz Legacy Nerd Rage Gaming Legacy Championship Trial 6 10/02/18
Food Griffin TKC55 Legacy MTGO Competitive Legacy League 4 07/02/18
Food Griffin Nick Cummings Legacy SCG Classic - Philadelphia 5-8 28/01/18
Food Chain Nick Cummings Legacy SCG Philadelphia Legacy Classic 5-8 28/01/18
Nic Fit Ijari Lopez Legacy Liga Mineira de Legacy - 5¬ Etapa 5-8 30/07/17
Apeldoorns Sneak Erik Tiekstra Legacy Apeldoorn Legacy Juli 2017 2 09/07/17
Nic Fit Stefan Pavlov Legacy Duel for Duals 3-4 11/06/17
Food Chain Beckett Wolfe Legacy Adelaide Eternal Legacy Challenge 1 04/06/17
Devoted Druid Combo Tyler Marklyn Legacy Mox Boarding House 1k - Preservation Series 5-8 07/05/17
Nic Fit jbone2016 Legacy MTGO Competitive Legacy Constructed League 6 01/05/17
Food Chain Guillaume Dorey Legacy Drakkar Last-chance (Caen, France) 2 15/04/17
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