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Lord Skitter, Sewer King Bowen,qu Duel Commander Caribbean kraken Cup @ Nice Club (Wuxi,China) 3-4 15/06/24
Rograkh + Silas Vojtech Benes Duel Commander MH3: First Blood @ UNTAP (Hradec Kralove, CZE) 3-4 15/06/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Agustin Ireneo Duel Commander Friday Duelan Nights @ Monarch Games and Hobbies (Philippines) 3 14/06/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Bowen,qu Duel Commander Caribbean kraken Cup @ Nice Club (Wuxi, China) 1 09/06/24
Grograkh Et Son Poto Friend Zone Audren Boulic Duel Commander Duel des commodors #1 @ Toulouse (France) 2 09/06/24
Rograkh / Silas Marin Boulangé Duel Commander Les 3 Tours #3 @ Tours (France) 5-8 01/06/24
Other Partner Combo Alexandre Casagrande Duel Commander D.C. @ La Calèche (Varetz, France) 2 26/05/24
Juri, Master Of The Revue Mayeul De Chevron Duel Commander Win a Biland @ Fantasy sphere (Toulouse, France) 3-4 26/05/24
Other Partner Combo Marin Boulangé Duel Commander Championnat Regional Aquitaine @ Libourne (France) 2 12/05/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Ben Duel Commander Open Qualifier DC @ Selles-sur-Cher (France) 9-16 05/05/24
Juri, Master Of The Revue Ivan Kozmon Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Cloudpost (Bratislava, Slovakia) 4 02/05/24
Rograkh, Son Of Rohgah // Tymna The Weaver Louis Binse Duel Commander CR Picardie lHdA @ Rouvrel (France) 3-4 28/04/24
Rograkh, Son Of Rohgahh // Tymna The Weaver Binse Louis Duel Commander Open Qualifier lHdA @ Rouvrel (France) 5-8 27/04/24
Slimefoot And Squee Pedro Arsenios Duel Commander Super Duel Manabolt #1 @ Limeira (Brazil) 5-8 27/04/24
Rograkh / Tymna Louis Binse Duel Commander Relic Tour - Rebound @ Paris (France) 7 14/04/24
Jadar, Ghoulcaller Of Nephalia Hugo Blanchet Duel Commander UTC CDF Qualifier @ Universal Games LG (Cavaillon, France) 5-8 24/03/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Bowen,qu Duel Commander Caribbean kraken Cup @ Nice Club (Wuxi, China) 3-4 23/03/24
Rograkh / Tevesh Michelangelo Contardi Duel Commander GP Qualifier @ Bear's Lair (Biella, Italy) 3-4 23/03/24
Juri, Mastre Da Revoada Conjão Bala Duel Commander League Dc @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 1 23/03/24
Dont Call Me "mardu Storm" Louis Binse Duel Commander Open CDF @ Goupiya (Antony, France) 3-4 23/03/24
Mardu Storm Louis Binse Duel Commander Championnat Régional IDF @ MTG94 (Thiais, France) 9-16 17/03/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Guillaume Carry Duel Commander Meule de Savoie 2 @ Chambéry (France) 2 17/03/24
Juri, Master Of The Revue Yifei Jiang Duel Commander BuBan S2 Qualifier #4 @ Buban Club (Shanghai, China) 2 16/03/24
Jadar, Ghoulcaller Of Nephalia Tiago Carraro Duel Commander DC quinzenal @ Taverna Game House (Curitiba, Brazil) 2 10/03/24
Mardu Partner Storm Louis Binse Duel Commander Open CDF Ornicar x Cerberus @ Arpajon (France) 3-4 09/03/24
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