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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Elminster. Vitao Duel Commander League DC @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 2 10/02/24
Ratchet Steve "zuzur" Kunze Duel Commander DC Win savanah @ Ludetopia (Poncin, France) 1 17/12/23
Elminster Adrien Lefevre Duel Commander Tournoi @ Les Mages Nazairiens (Saint-Nazaire, France) 3 15/10/23
Elminster Paolo "wetpacker" Tolentino Duel Commander Weekly Mayors Cup @ Aling Marings Dojo (Rizal, Philippines) 3 24/09/23
Elminster Paolo "wetpacker" Tolentino Duel Commander Once in 6 months tourney @ Aling Marings Dojo (Rizal, Philippines) 2 06/08/23
Elminster Francis Figue Duel Commander Fight Club Mtg Var Dc 3.3 @ Immaterium café (Toulon, France) 3-4 04/08/23
Kwain, Itinerant Meddler Zohoz Duel Commander Les Chroniques du Commander @ Discord 5-8 31/07/23
Elminster Paolo "wetpaker" Tolentino Duel Commander Iori LOTR tourney @ Aling Marings Dojo (Rizal, Philippines) 1 23/07/23
Elminster Mouly Mickaël Duel Commander ZAP Realmbreakers @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 25/06/23
Elminster Thorgal666 Duel Commander Manafull series DC @ Caen (France) 1 11/06/23
Elminster Hugostrapp Duel Commander DC CdF Qualifier @ Grenoble (France) 5-8 10/06/23
Elminster Francis Figue Duel Commander Fight Club Mtg Var Dc 2.5 @ La Crau (France) 1 02/06/23
Tivit, Seller Of Secrets Anis Corberes-sarrey Duel Commander Nexus Duel Commander - #2 @ Nexus (Muret, France) 5-8 28/05/23
Wernog, Rider's Chaplain / Cecily, Haunted Mage Damienade Duel Commander Open Qualifier Chroniques @ Twitch 5-8 28/05/23
Elminster Nicolas "thorgal666" François Duel Commander DC Manafull Series @ Caen (France) 2 14/05/23
Dragonlord Ojutai Alex Bertrand Duel Commander Open DC @ La Boite-Monde (Évreux, France) 3 06/05/23
Elminster Antoine Szabo Duel Commander DTC @ Rouen (France) 2 30/04/23
Elminster Baptiste Hilmann Duel Commander Open Qualifier DTC @ Rouen (France) 3-4 29/04/23
Elminster Damien Jantzen Duel Commander Open Qualifier Guilde Auro @ Eyguière (France) 1 15/04/23
Elminster Louie Pastrana Duel Commander Siopao Cup @ Madcap Gaming (Philippines) 5-8 02/04/23
Queen Marchesa José Aliaga Duel Commander GTC por Tech en la Cueva #2 @ La Cueva del Gato (Chiclayo, Perú) 3-4 18/02/23
Tivit, Seller Of Secrets Damien Garcia Duel Commander Big DC : Cataclysm @ Relic (Toulouse, France) 5-8 12/02/23
Elminster Ruan Rangel Duel Commander [RC] Semanal @ Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) 1 08/02/23
Tivit, Seller Of Secrets Ezra Mendiola Duel Commander Monarch Tuesday Night Duel @ Monarch Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 3 07/02/23
Elminster Lucas Tison Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Guyajeux (?, France) 5-8 15/01/23
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