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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Phlage Aggro Joel Duel Commander Monthly @ Nexus Sueca (Sueca, Spain) 3 15/06/24
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Zhihua Wang Duel Commander Poseidon Duel C Cup #2 @ Poseidon Card (Anshan, China) 3-4 17/03/24
Balmor, Battlemage Captain Paulo Sia Duel Commander Duel @ Manabolt (Limeira, Brazil) 3 29/10/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Matej Evin Duel Commander DC Store Championship @ Storm (Bratislava, Slovakia) 2 15/10/22
Balmor, Battlemage Captain Korn411 Duel Commander Les Chroniques du Commander @ Relic Fest Trial 5-8 07/10/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Tatoff Anayron Duel Commander Duelan sa TG Battle for Lili @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 7 24/09/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Thiago Mechan Duel Commander DC Nacional 2022 @ Lima (Peru) 5-8 24/07/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Pierre-louis Biet Duel Commander Mtg Var Tournament Dc 3.2 @ Fight Club (La Crau, France) 2 22/07/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Anthony "rs Avyc" Vitry Duel Commander Rising Sun SPLIT 1 FINAL DC @ Ile de la Réunion 1 17/07/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Joseph Anthony A. Al-tawalbeh Duel Commander TD Discord League S4 @ Top Deck Games and Hobbies (Philippines) 3-4 27/06/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Matej B. Duel Commander 2nd DC @ FenixGames (Trnava, Slovakia) 5-8 28/05/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Samuel Z. Duel Commander 2nd DC @ FenixGames (Trnava, Slovakia) 5-8 28/05/22
Adeliz Julien Bigot Duel Commander DC by Initiatives Ludiques @ La Caverne du Jeu (Dunkerque, France) 1 01/05/22
Adeliz Arnaud Calon Duel Commander DC by Initiatives Ludiques @ La Caverne du Jeu (Dunkerque, France) 2 01/05/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Arthur "oz" Ozoux Duel Commander Rising Sun DC Tournament #1 @ Ile de la Réunion 5-8 10/04/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Melvin Cabanlit Duel Commander JP's CEO Circuit @ Baguio City (Philippines) 5-8 13/03/22
Adelícia, The Cinder Wind Zé Schneid Duel Commander Cóleras & Duwells @ Cúpula do Trovão (Pelotas, Brazil) 2 11/03/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Marc Envent Duel Commander DC Event @ Reload Gaming Bar (Douai, France) 3-4 06/03/22
Adeliz, La Rochelaise Clément Selles Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Naintré (France) 5-8 27/02/22
Adeliz Thomas Bijl Duel Commander ZAP fevrier @ Palaiseau (France) 5-8 20/02/22
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Lassa Yvonet Duel Commander WANTED Saison 2 #9 @ CartaRennes (Rennes, France) 2 09/02/22
Adeliz Joseph Al-tawalbeh Duel Commander Win a PS5 Event @ Mana Underground (Lagro, Philippines) 5-8 05/02/22
Adelícia, Cinder Wind Gor Da Silva Moncks Valério Duel Commander DuWell Commander @ Cúpula do Trovão (Pelotas, RS, Brazil) 2 28/01/22
Adeliz Pablo "amumu" Lima Duel Commander Weekly DC "Lifeguard's Day" @ Caverna do Dragão (Santos-SP, Brazil) 3-4 28/12/21
Adeliz Nicolas Righi Duel Commander EDH de Noël Gobl'Ain @ Ambérieu-en-Bugey (France) 5-8 12/12/21
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