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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Grist, The Hunger Tide Aurelien Benard Duel Commander OQ Game Me More by Auro @ Istres (France) 3-4 19/05/24
Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful - Abzan Guitar Duel Commander Draw7 Masters - Open series #1 @ Thailand 5 17/05/24
Grist, The Hunger Tide Benjamin Lefevre Duel Commander Monthly DC @ Au Dé Café Inné (Le Puy-en-Velay, France) 1 17/05/24
Grist, La Marée Affamée Baptiste Viard Duel Commander DC mensuel ABRI111/TK47 @ Agen (France) 7 05/05/24
Slimefoot And Squee Victor Dagostino Duel Commander Promo Event @ XPlace (São Paulo,Brazil) 5 01/05/24
Yoshibzan Joachim Trouverie Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Artefacts (Bordeaux, France) 5-8 28/04/24
Grist, The Hunger Tide Ravi Zornig Duel Commander Super Duel Manabolt #1 @ Limeira (Brazil) 5-8 27/04/24
Slimefoot And Squee Pedro Arsenios Duel Commander Super Duel Manabolt #1 @ Limeira (Brazil) 5-8 27/04/24
Anafenza, The Foremost *kemalnitchyy* Duel Commander Thursday Night Turbo #10 @ France 3-4 25/04/24
Leovold, Emissary Of Trest Raian Dossol Duel Commander Iron Cards Circuit 2024 - #2 @ Iron Cards (Brazil) 5-8 21/04/24
Niv-mizzet Reborn Roman Vejdelek Duel Commander #3 Hradubice @ (Pardubice, Czech Republic) 2 20/04/24
Grist, The Hunger Tide Gustav Holmberg Duel Commander Duel Commander Liga #8 @ Slutspel (Sweden) 2 14/04/24
Grist, The Hunger Tide Mathieu "icenineking" Gilbert Duel Commander UF Saison 3 Semaine 9 @ Univers Fantastique (St-Hyacinthe, Québec) 2 11/04/24
Indoraptor, The Perfect Hybrid Eddie Becker Duel Commander DC @ Le Conseil Des Licornes (Bourges, France) 1 07/04/24
Grist, The Hunger Tide Luka Radosevic Duel Commander Spring Duel Commander @ Fortress (Novi Sad, Serbia) 3-4 06/04/24
Grist, The Hunger Tide Romain Dartois Duel Commander Meeple Academy @ Thionville (France) 2 05/04/24
Saskia The Unyielding David Cremieux Duel Commander OQ Fight Club MTG Var @ Immaterium Café (Toulon, France) 5-8 24/03/24
Grist Bug Bug Zornig Duel Commander League Dc @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 2 23/03/24
Slimefoot And Squee Tanguy Leclercq Duel Commander Qualifier CDF Duel commander @ Legacy L'héritage Du Jeu (Trégueux, France) 5-8 23/03/24
Leovold Jordi B Duel Commander Super Duel Commander IV @ ingeniobcn (Barcelona) 3-4 23/03/24
Slimefoot & Squee Léo Ravain Duel Commander 4th Lexovian DC @ Lexojeux (Lisieux) 4 22/03/24
Slimefoot And Squee Charles Gautier Duel Commander Open @ Tours (France) 9 10/03/24
Grist Ravi Duel Commander League Dc @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 2 09/03/24
Saskia Arnaldo Costa Duel Commander League Dc @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 4 09/03/24
Chevill, Bane Of Monsters Shilvar Duel Commander Thursday Night Turbo #4 @ France 3-4 07/03/24
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