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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Ertai Control Guillem Galán Duel Commander Monthly @ Nexus Sueca (Sueca, Spain) 2 15/06/24
Ertai Resurrected Renato "conde" Ribeiro Duel Commander Circuito Iron Cards 2024 - #4 @ Iron Cards (Brazil) 5 09/06/24
Ertai Alejandro Guerrero Duel Commander DC Spécial Inauguration @ L’épée à 2 Nains (Genève, Suisse) 2 02/06/24
Ertai Hugo Houbart Duel Commander DC Spécial Inauguration @ L’épée à 2 Nains (Genève, Suisse) 3-4 02/06/24
Ertai Resurrected Clément Di Ceglie Duel Commander Les 3 Tours #3 - Rebound @ Tours (France) 5-8 02/06/24
Kilian, Ink Duelist Alessandro Grosso Duel Commander IX Tappa lega @ Bear's Lair (Biella, Italy) 3-4 01/06/24
Ertai Resurrected Florian Trotte Duel Commander Open CDF Rhone Alpes @ Valence (France) 3-4 20/05/24
Ertai Resurrected Florian Trotte Duel Commander CR Rhône-Alpes @ Valence (France) 1 19/05/24
Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor Alban Duel Commander DC Geekfest @ Difintel (Bordeaux, France) 8 19/05/24
Ertaï Quentin Thuau Duel Commander Open qualifier @ Malicorne sur sarthe (France) 5-8 19/05/24
Vadmir, New Blood Jan Kousal Duel Commander #4 Hradubice @ UNTAP (Hradec Kralove, CZE) 1 18/05/24
Ertai Resurrected Florian Trotte Duel Commander Win a biland @ GuyaJeux (Salon de Provence, France) 5-8 12/05/24
Ertai Resurrected Léo Carbonell Duel Commander Win a biland @ GuyaJeux (Salon de Provence, France) 5-8 12/05/24
Acererak The Archlich Morel Nicolas Duel Commander Open Qualifier CdF @ Temple des Joueurs (Rennes, France) 5-8 11/05/24
The Gitrog Monster Mavrik Duel Commander Town of Rivers II @ Town of Rivers (Győr, Hungary) 5-8 11/05/24
Acererak the Archlich Maxence Polak Duel Commander DC MTG Untap, Nantes, Draw @ Nantes (France) 5-8 09/05/24
Marchesa, Dealer Of Death Antoine Belconde Duel Commander Open Qualifier DC @ Selles-sur-Cher (France) 9-16 05/05/24
Ertai Resurrected Damien Jantzen Duel Commander OQ by Auro @ Marseille (France) 2 05/05/24
Ertai Resurrected David Mecl Duel Commander 27. Cerny Rytir PDC @ Prague (Czech Republic) 9-16 04/05/24
Ertai Resurrected Aris Rosaldo Duel Commander DC Battle For Plateau @ Bts Comicave (Dubai, UAE) 1 04/05/24
Ertai Resurrected Nodulis Duel Commander Festiv'Halles des cartes @ Lunéville (France) 8 04/05/24
Slimefoot And Squee Vladimir Gonzor Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Cloudpost (Bratislava, Slovakia) 2 02/05/24
Ertai, Resurrected Imman Van Valerio Duel Commander Wednesday Duelan Nights @ Monarch Games and Hobbies (Philippines) 5 02/05/24
Leovold, Emissary Of Trest Nelson Fidelis Duel Commander 2º Duel Commander Nordeste @ Caverna do Dragão Cardshop (Recife, Brazil) 7 28/04/24
The Gitrog Monster Rusty Capricho Duel Commander Battle for Underground Sea @ High Market Online (Quezon City, Philippines) 3-4 28/04/24
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