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Yoshimaru + Bruse Tarl Nhald Adia Duel Commander Wednesday Duelan Nights @ Monarch Games and Hobbies (Philippines) 2 17/04/24
Niv-Mizzet Reborn Mathieu Leclere Duel Commander CR Normandie by REM @ Rouen (France) 1 07/04/24
Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful // Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder Mathieu Gritti Duel Commander OQ Parkage by Auro @ Vitrolles (France) 5-8 06/04/24
Yoshi/jeska Julien "jrbass14" Ravain Duel Commander 5th Lexovian DC @ Lexojeux (Lisieux, France) 3-4 05/04/24
Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful // Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder Albert Guyo Duel Commander Meeple Academy @ Thionville (France) 1 05/04/24
5c Aragorn Jiawei,chen Duel Commander Caribbean kraken Cup S1 Finals @ Nice Club (Wuxi,China) 2 31/03/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot + Inspiring Leader Nhald Adia Duel Commander Easter Sunday Duelan @ Monarch Games and Hobbies (Philippines) 2 31/03/24
Yoshimaru Boros Tanguy Druart Duel Commander Open @ Lens (France) 3-4 31/03/24
Yoshimaru/bruse Tarl Luca Piantino Duel Commander VI tappa lega @ Bear's Lair (Biella, Italy) 2 30/03/24
Yoshimaru Jonathan Ferroni Duel Commander Gapt Duel Commander Night @ Games Academy (Pistoia, Italy) 3-4 28/03/24
Saskia The Unyielding David Cremieux Duel Commander OQ Fight Club MTG Var @ Immaterium Café (Toulon, France) 5-8 24/03/24
Yoshimaru Pascal Ah Sing Duel Commander Tournoi 2/3 Champ. Régional @ Ile de la Réunion 5-8 24/03/24
Yoshimaru / Bruse Tarl Luca Piantino Duel Commander GP Qualifier @ Bear's Lair (Biella, Italy) 2 23/03/24
In Golem 4/4 We Trust Vini Fucker Duel Commander League Dc @ ManaBolt (Limeira, Brazil) 4 23/03/24
Voja, Jaws Of The Conclave Paul Coste Duel Commander Horizons du DC (LCI>PIP) @ Le Cerf Ludique (Rambouillet, France) 1 22/03/24
Aragorn Nuno Marques Duel Commander II Liga DC - Tournament 4 @ GGLounge (Viseu, Portugal) 2 22/03/24
Saskia The Unyielding Mathieu Masson Duel Commander UF Saison 3 Semaine 6 @ Univers Fantastique (St-Hyacinthe, Québec) 3 21/03/24
Yoshimaru + Tana Baekstra Duel Commander Chroniques Series 2024 #2 @ Chroniques du Commander Discord Server 5 18/03/24
Gut Boros Julien Hablot Duel Commander Open Qualifier - Fest4Games @ Lannion (France) 5-8 17/03/24
Yoshimaru And Bruse Roch-antoine Lachaîne Duel Commander Championnat 1K DCQC 2024 @ Univers Fantastique (Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec) 3-4 16/03/24
Minsc And Mouse Arnaldo Costa Duel Commander League DC @ ManaBolt ( Limeira, Brazil) 2 16/03/24
Yoshimaru/bruse Tarl Luca Piantino Duel Commander V tappa lega @ Bear's Lair (Biella, Italy) 2 16/03/24
Aragorn King Of Gondor Nuno Marques Duel Commander II Liga Duel Commander @ GGLounge (Viseu, Portugal) 3-4 15/03/24
Yoshi / Bruse Carlo Endaya Duel Commander DC Madness @ CardXchange (CBTL Acacia Estates, Taguig, Philippines) 6 11/03/24
Yoshimaru Marius Reff Duel Commander D.C @ La Caléche (Varetz, France) 1 10/03/24
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