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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
5c Yorion Fukudome Yuu Pioneer Champions Cup Store Qualifier @ Nipponbashi (Japan) 5-8 27/04/24
Esper Vial hundinggjornersen Legacy MTGO League 3 22/04/24
Yorion Death And Taxes Anton Ršntilš Legacy Win-a-Dual @ Alphaspel (Stockholm, Sweden) 3-4 07/04/24
Bring to Omnath McWinSauce Pioneer MTGO Preliminary 3 13/03/24
Bring to Omnath Zachary Smith Pioneer Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor @ Chicago 65-128 23/02/24
Fires of Invention kiko Pioneer MTGO Preliminary 3 08/01/24
Fires of Invention Andrew Lopez Pioneer U.S. Regional Championship @ Dreamhack Atlanta 2023 17-32 20/12/23
Fires of Invention Minh Nguyen Pioneer #13 Last Chance Qualifier @ DreamHack Atlanta 2023 2 15/12/23
Fires of Invention hateatos Pioneer MTGO League 6 20/11/23
Fires of Invention Hori Masataka Pioneer "Emperor of Pioneer" Tournament 8th Season @ TC (Osaka, Japan) 3-4 04/11/23
Enigmatic Incarnation Makoto Horiuchi Pioneer The Last Sun 2023 Qualifier @ Yokohama (Japan) 3-4 03/11/23
Niv-Mizzet Reborn Adachi Yuya Pioneer Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 16/10/23
D&t Alex Durrant Legacy MEGA Event @ Axion Now (Birmingham, UK) 3-4 15/10/23
Bring to Omnath Jack Komer Pioneer NRG Series $10,000 Showdown @ Indianapolis (IN) 17-32 14/10/23
Fires of Invention g-rey2996 Pioneer MTGO Challenge 16 07/10/23
Bring to Omnath fried-liver-attack Pioneer MTGO Challenge 15 01/10/23
Fires of Invention Marcin Klimuszko Pioneer European Championship @ Legacy European Tour (Lille, France) 5-8 30/09/23
Bring to Omnath MATTHEWFOULKES Pioneer MTGO Preliminary 3 20/09/23
Bring to Omnath Jenara19 Pioneer MTGO Preliminary 6 18/09/23
Bring to Omnath Nakashima Ryo Pioneer Deluxe Cup @ Hareruya (Japan) 3-4 16/09/23
Bring to Omnath albert62 Pioneer MTGO League 7 14/09/23
Bring to Omnath Drizzy Pioneer MTGO Challenge 14 09/09/23
5 Color Yorion Marco Serafica Pioneer Unbox Pioneer 100k 2.0 @ Unbox Greenhills (Philippines) 3-4 02/09/23
Fires of Invention annabelious Pioneer MTGO Preliminary 11 22/08/23
Fires of Invention Nick Schirillo Pioneer 5K RCQ @ The Gathering Place Games 2 20/08/23
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