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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Jin-gitaxias, Progress Tyrant Lyuhong Chen Duel Commander Watermelon Champion Cup Nights @ Slow Drake (Beijing, China) 2 18/06/24
UrzaTron Sorgath Modern MTGO League 3 17/06/24
UrzaTron Trellon Modern MTGO League 7 16/06/24
Nicol Bolas, the Ravager Gabriel Olson cEDH Blights: S01 @ Black Potion (San Antonio, TX) 3-4 15/06/24
The Necrobloom Kuness Duel Commander Draw7 Masters - Open series #4 @ Thailand 3 15/06/24
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Ron Eldred Duel Commander Duel Commander @ d20 Gaming (Eau Claire, WI) 3-4 15/06/24
12 - Post Zolgia108 Legacy MTGO League 4 15/06/24
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Matias Peńa cEDH Torneo intertiendas cEDH - Bazaar of Baghdad #6 3-4 09/06/24
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Marwan Maillet Duel Commander Big WOTCA (Nice Fiction 2024) @ Nice (France) 5-8 08/06/24
Gadwick, The Wizened Federico Cazzaniga Duel Commander Big WOTCA (Nice Fiction 2024) @ Nice (France) 5-8 08/06/24
UrzaTron Aldmhac Modern MTGO League 5 08/06/24
UrzaTron IsKeiP529 Modern MTGO League 4 05/06/24
UrzaTron kenon Modern MTGO League 1 04/06/24
Téféri Archimage Temporel Titouan Le Berre Duel Commander Big DC All Black Relic @ Toulouse (France) 3-4 02/06/24
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Clément Burger Duel Commander Open de Lorraine @ Sarreguemines (France) 5-8 02/06/24
Minsc, Beloved Ranger Shijia Meng Duel Commander Watermelon Champion Cup 32 @ Slow Drake (Beijing, China) 1 02/06/24
Tron Max Baier Modern 20 years JK - Destination RCQ @ JK Entertainment (Maintal, Germany) 9-16 01/06/24
Golos Lands Calligaro Simon Duel Commander CR Lorraine @ Sarreguemines (France) 1 01/06/24
Sheoldred, The Apocalypse Brocker Hervé Duel Commander CR Lorraine @ Sarreguemines (France) 2 01/06/24
Sheoldred, The Apocalypse Filip Žitňan Duel Commander DC Cloudpost Cup @ Cloudpost (Bratislava, Slovakia) 7 01/06/24
UrzaTron Kato Shuhei Modern Rumble @ Hareruya (Kawasaki, Japan) 5-8 01/06/24
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Gaëtan Delorme Duel Commander DC des Licornes @ Le Conseil Des Licornes (Bourges, France) 3-4 31/05/24
UrzaTron Soon Modern MTGO Challenge 32 11 28/05/24
Aetherworks Marvel Control LeandroKopke Pioneer MTGO League 3 28/05/24
Devotion to Green Drew647A Pioneer MTGO League 3 26/05/24
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