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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Solution midrange Julien Ack Premodern League @ Arcana (Trieste, Italy) 2 16/02/24
Boros Parfait Aggro José Ramón García Premodern Hispanoesfera 19 Ed 3-4 31/01/23
Weenie White Timur Mokhseni Premodern Express @ Moscow (Russia) 5-8 19/11/22
Weenie White Saúl Ibarra Premodern DZ Bilbao - July Tournament 2 23/07/22
Kytheon, Hero Of Akros Ondra Fabin Duel Commander DC Září @ Úvaly 5-8 05/09/21
Kytheon, Hero Of Akros Jaroslav Chmelík Duel Commander DC HK- Autumn @ 3-4 14/09/19
Death & Taxes Riccardo Saino Legacy LVL s´19 #6 6 26/05/19
Kytheon, Hero Of Akros Jaroslav Chmelik Duel Commander 9th Prague Duel Commander @ Prague 5-8 18/05/19
Hatebear Aaron Beaston Modern SCG Invitational Qualifier Columbia 5-8 25/03/18
Death & Taxes Oliver Gray Modern Modern Event #3 Modern Event Ravensburg 7 11/03/18
Thalia, Guardian Of Thraben Mauricio Martin Duel Commander DCT #3 - GTC - Cantuarias - Lima Peru 5-8 17/02/18
Thalia, Guardian Of Thraben Mauricio Martin Duel Commander Duel Commander Tournament - Lima Peru - The Monkey Planet 3 06/01/18
Thalia Guardian Of Thraben Guillaume "eliwed" Morin Duel Commander Tournoi des ZAPS (Décembre) 5-8 03/12/17
Kytheon, Hero Of Akros Eresto Pangilinan Duel Commander GP Manila 2017 Duel Commander 3-4 03/06/17
White Weenie Alexander Mamich Highlander Meta Game Masters (Berlin) 3-4 25/10/14
GW Midrange Oliver Böhm Highlander MKM Weekend '13 (Berlin) 5-8 02/06/13
UW Llark Wendell Santini Standard Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2009 4 14/06/09
Mono White Full Foil - Full Rare Deck "White Destiny" Satoshi Kobayashi Duel Commander 15th COP:MTG Cup (Japan) 2 04/05/09
White Weenie Maxime Lemaitre Highlander Highlander Grand Prix VI (Aachen) 1 12/12/08
White Weenie Fabian Januchowski Highlander Highlander Grand Prix V 5-8 05/06/08
Boros Geddon Lisa Franks Highlander Highlander Grand Prix IV 5-8 01/12/07
Orzhov Øyvind Andersen Standard Worlds 2006 (Paris) Day 1 undefeated 03/12/06
UW Control André Silny Highlander Highlander Grand Prix II (Dortmund) 3-4 01/10/06
White Weenie mit U-Splash Claus Chudzinski Highlander Highlander Grand Prix II (Dortmund) 5-8 01/10/06
Hand In Hand Harald Stein Standard Nationals - Germany 2006 5-8 11/08/06
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