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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Marath, Will of the Wild Fernando Gonzalez Mulas cEDH Hot Eldrazi Summer @ Delusional Players (Madrid, Spain) 9-16 09/06/24
Sultai Aggro Christopher Kral Standard $10k Open RCQ @ DreamHack Dallas 17-32 02/06/24
Sultai Aggro Chase Muehlbrad Standard DH DAL Fr LCQ #20 @ DreamHack Magic 5-8 31/05/24
Marath, Will of the Wild Martin Kaca cEDH MBG Monthly Commander 2k @ Mom's Basement Games (Howell, MI) 5-8 18/05/24
Marath, Will Of The Wild Ian Plum Duel Commander Champion of the People Bracket @ The End Games (Charlottesville, VA) 3-4 17/05/24
Marath, Will of the Wild Henry Ting cEDH cEDH Masters @ Cards & Hobbies (Malaysia) 5-8 21/04/24
Voja, Jaws of the Conclave David Salery cEDH $10K Main Event @ SaltFest (Orlando, FL) 17-32 20/04/24
Marath, Will of the Wild Isaac Benson cEDH MXP CEDH Event - Commandfest @ San Francisco (CA) 17-32 20/04/24
Other - Aggro Gabriel Joglar Standard $1k RCQ Invite Cyphacon MTG Weekend @ Lvl1GamingLLC (Lake Charles, LA) 5-8 07/04/24
Marath, Will of the Wild Natt Sivagosit cEDH Commander of the Month @ The Tricker (Nonthaburi, Thailand) 3-4 30/03/24
Marath, Will Of The Wild Quentin Bourinet Duel Commander Open Qualifier Les K'artonnés @ La Teste de Buch (France) 5-8 24/03/24
Animar, Soul of Elements Garret Gaa cEDH $100 multi edh circuit week6 @ Upkeep Hobbies (Philippines) 2 17/03/24
Kenrith, the Returned King Carlos Anthony Irizarry cEDH March Madness 24 @ Game Knight (Columbia, TN) 5-8 16/03/24
Marath, Will Of The Wild Florian Guillet Duel Commander Sunday Event @ Carta'Jeu (Lyon, France) 5-8 10/03/24
Ghave, Guru of Spores Akiba Yutaka cEDH Weekend Commander @ TC (Tokyo, Japan) 5 05/03/24
Insidious Roots Kory G Standard Dreamhack RCQ @ Goblin Games (Manhattan, KS) 1 02/03/24
Marath, Will of the Wild Noah Jones cEDH Put a Ring on it! @ Game Grid (North Spanish Fork, UT) 9-16 25/02/24
Marath, Will of the Wild Natt Sivagosit cEDH Commander of the Month @ The Tricker (Nonthaburi, Thailand) 9-16 24/02/24
Squirming Emergence Hitachi Kyle Standard Champions Cup Premium Qualifier @ Hareruya Tournament Center (Tokyo, Japan) 5-8 17/02/24
Soul Cauldron whiterknight Standard MTGO League 3 17/02/24
Agatha's Combo deck Kimura Tamon Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 12/02/24
Soul Cauldron Christopher Kral Standard $5k Open 8-slot RCQ @ DreamHack (Denver, CO 9-16 11/02/24
4c Legends Aggro Jeff Pyka Standard RCQ @ Tabletop Gaming Center (Newington, CT) 3 11/02/24
Marwyn, the Nurturer Pucha cEDH Campeonato Nacional de cEDH 17-32 10/02/24
Soul Cauldron NAMELESSYU Standard MTGO League 2 26/01/24
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