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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Nin, The Pain Artist Drew Baxter Duel Commander MBG Duel Commander Win a Dual @ Mom's Basement Games (Howell, MI) 3-4 30/03/24
Ramos, Dragon Engine Fireeagle cEDH cEDH $5K Commander Celebration Package @ SCG CON Cincinnati 32 06/01/24
Nin, The Pain Artist Drew Baxter Duel Commander Glass City Duel Commander #6 @ Toledo Game Room (Toledo, OH) 1 10/09/23
Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer Verner, Jan Duel Commander Cerny Rytir PDC @ Prague 1 10/09/22
Ghired, Conclave Exile Nathan Hammett cEDH CommandFest Richmond - VIP @ Star City Games 12 03/06/22
Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Batata Duel Commander [RC] 7ª Liga @ Bangu (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 3-4 29/05/22
Ziatora, the Incinerator Yasuda Manuel cEDH Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 02/05/22
Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients Dillon Ribar cEDH SCG CON Pittsburgh - Commander Celebration Package @ Star City Games 8 29/04/22
Rakdos Aggro Francis Manalo Modern Event @ Contemporary Nook (Marikina City, Philippines) 3-4 05/03/21
Rakdos Aggro Yimin Zhi Historic 2020 Mythic Invitational 22 11/09/20
Jirina Kudro Mathieu Numa Duel Commander Mardi Magic @ Sortilèges (Vannes, France) 3-4 14/07/20
Grixis Dragons Nick Claes Pioneer M3 Master Series @ Mol (Belgium) 5-8 23/02/20
Grixis Control Master1 Pioneer MTGO Pioneer League 4 21/11/19
Torbran Ping And Burn Joey Moon Duel Commander Saturday DC @ Epic Loot (Centerville Dayton, Ohio) 1 11/11/19
Sylvia & Khorvath Julian Heßling Duel Commander 1st German Duel EDH Tournament @ Darmstadt, Germany 3-4 03/02/19
Partner Boros Timéo Passard Duel Commander DC de la Semaine @ BDE Mont Saint Aignan (76) 2 16/10/18
Ludevic // Kraum Wes Herr MTGO Commander Paper MTGO Commander @ Frogtown Hobbies (Toledo, USA) 2 15/07/18
Ludevic//kraum Wes Herr MTGO Commander MTGO Commander - Toledo @ Frogtown Hobbies - Toledo 1 24/06/18
Tymna / Bruse Luca Sassu MTGO Commander Torneo Commander @ Mr Magic (Savona, Italy) 1 16/05/18
Bruse / Tymna Jorge Piccoli Cardoso MTGO Commander LCI @ ElderDragon (Petrópolis, Brazil) 1 16/02/18
Partner Aggro Jorge Piccoli Cardoso MTGO Commander CLM10 - Final Commander 5-8 04/02/18
Partner Aggro (bruse/tymna) Jorge Piccoli Cardoso MTGO Commander Liga Commander Imperial @ElderDragon (Petrópolis, Brazil) 1 19/01/18
Tymna / Bruse nerdyat30 MTGO Commander MTGO Competitive Commander League 2 29/10/17
Tymna / Bruse nerdyat30 MTGO Commander MTGO Commander League 2 03/09/17
Tymna / Bruse nerdyat30 MTGO Commander MTGO Commander League 2 31/08/17
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