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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Red Deck Wins Arkany1 Standard MTGO Preliminary 6 14/05/24
Red Deck Wins Tamaki Takahiro Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 13/05/24
Red Deck Wins Drapailo Oleksandr Standard Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championship @ Hareruya (Chiba, Japan) 5-8 12/05/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot Jakub Strnad Duel Commander Mostmagic Dc @ Most (Czech Republic) 3-4 11/05/24
Red Deck Wins ryuumei Standard MTGO Challenge 32 12 11/05/24
Red Deck Wins -Grissom- Standard MTGO Challenge 32 3-4 11/05/24
Flash Gordon Blas Kyo Ledesma Standard Oko Store Championship @ Trade Store (Paraguay) 3-4 11/05/24
Red Deck Wins Rino Morales Standard OTJ Store Champ @ A3 rent a book (Iloilo City, Philippines) 3 11/05/24
Red Deck Wins Arkany1 Standard MTGO Preliminary 5 10/05/24
Gut Black Thomas Pouessel Duel Commander Sortilège tournament @ Sortilège (Angers, France) 1 10/05/24
Red Deck Wins SwatFA Standard MTGO League 3 09/05/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot I3en Duel Commander Thursday Night Turbo #12 @ France 3-4 09/05/24
Boros Convoke Yoshida Keita Standard "Outlaws of Thunder Junction" Store Championship @ Hareruya (Koriyama, Japan) 1 06/05/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot Matthieu "xakuyer" Mizac Duel Commander Les Joutes Ruthènes - OQ CDF @ Rodez (France) 5-8 05/05/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot Olivier "sorren" Duel Commander Open Qualifier CDF @ Magic Knight Fr (Strasbourg, France) 5-8 05/05/24
Gut Boros Nico Duel Commander Open Qualifier DC @ Selles-sur-Cher (France) 1 05/05/24
Red Deck Wins Massimoverrecchia Standard Round 6 Regional Championship - @ Montreal (Québec) 9-16 04/05/24
Monored Aggro Volodymyr Mutsenko Standard Store Shampionship @ Magic World (Kyiv, Ukraine) 3-4 04/05/24
Collector's Cage selesneal Modern MTGO League 1 02/05/24
Red Deck Wins darumakaq Standard MTGO League 8 30/04/24
Gut, True Soul Zealot Karembar974 Duel Commander Champ Rég tournoi 3/3 split 1 @ ile de la Réunion 3 28/04/24
Red Deck Wins Ashe_Oathkeeper Standard MTGO Super Qualifier 5-8 28/04/24
Mardu Hideway Thief_Of_Crowns Modern MTGO Challenge 64 15 27/04/24
Red Deck Wins Jovica Standard MTGO League 7 27/04/24
Red Deck Wins James Arthur Standard Pro Tour Thunder Junction @ Seattle 32 26/04/24
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