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Metagame Breakdown
Elfball decks
Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Darkhoof Jordan Gillies Thursday Night Highlander 1 10/01/19
Opposition Hoof Tomo Pjanic Thursday Night Highlander 3 06/12/18
Cradlehoof Coby Do There Can Only Be One, Eh? 3-4 20/10/18
Darkhoof Jordan Gillies Thursday Night Highlander 2 27/09/18
Elfball Chris Van Meter There Can Be Only One, Eh? 5-8 23/06/18
Craterhoof Jordan Denny Highlander for Staples 3-4 27/08/17
Cradlehoof Pat James Canadian Highlander Weekly 1 22/03/16
Cradlehoof Trenton McIntyre Canadian Highlander Weekly 5-8 08/02/16
Mono Green Craterhoof Benjamin Wheeler Highlander for Staples 1 23/08/14
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