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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Esper Hullbreacher Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Challenge 7 29/08/21
Hullbreacher Esper Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Preliminary 4 19/08/21
Creativity Rooney56 MTGO Modern Super Qualifier 4 16/08/21
Naya Aggro Rooney56 MTGO Standard Challenge 1 09/08/21
Oath of Druids Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Challenge 4 19/07/21
Dimir Witch Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Preliminary 2 08/07/21
Planeswalker Control Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Preliminary 3 29/05/21
Planeswalker Control Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Challenge 13 01/02/21
Planeswalker Control Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Super Qualifier 1 25/01/21
Death's Shadow Rooney56 MTGO Modern Preliminary 8 07/01/21
Gw Rooney56 MTGO Sealed ZNR Block Champ Qual 3 19/10/20
Temur Reclamation Rooney56#37756 Sunday 4th Qualifier for MagicFest Online Season 2 1 03/05/20
Winota Rooney56 Wednesday 5th Qualifier for MagicFest Online Season 2 1 29/04/20
Temur Reclamation Rooney56 Thursday 1st Qualifier for MagicFest Online Season 2 3 23/04/20
Rakdos Aggro Rooney56#37756 April 7 - 1st Qualifier for MagicFest Online 1 07/04/20
RU Rooney56 MTGO Sealed THB Block Super Qualifier 2 04/04/20
Bant Control Rooney56#37756 March 29 - 3rd Qualifier for MagicFest Online 2 29/03/20
Dimir Inverter Rooney56 MTGO Pioneer Challenge 15 03/02/20
Simic Aggro Rooney56 MTGO Pioneer Challenge 5 10/12/19
B Rooney56 MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 1 12/10/19
WU Rooney56 MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 6 10/08/19
Grixis Control Yuki Matsuda (rooney56) Mythic Championship III Las Vegas Other 19/06/19
UR Skred Rooney56 MTGO Pauper Challenge 6 29/04/19
Stoneblade Rooney56 MTGO Legacy Challenge 8 22/04/19
Mentor Rooney56 MTGO Vintage Challenge 5-8 13/04/19
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