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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Creativity Marcus Roth Modern $20K Trial @ SCG CON New Jersey 9-16 13/01/23
Mono Black Void Marcus Gref Legacy League week 2 @ Västerås (VÄS, Sweden) 1 06/12/22
Ur Creativity Marcus Paz Pioneer Big Event @ Braga (Portugal) 2 01/11/22
Jeskai Control Marcus Vinicius Carvalho Modern 7ª Liga Arena Guardians @ Tio Iri Test Torments 5-8 18/10/22
Ur Delver Frutiger Marcus Legacy Quali. ELM @ Azcanta Tournaments (Lausanne, Switzerland) 5-8 16/10/22
Creativity Marcus Modern 15K Tournament @ Four Seasons League 2 24/09/22
Jeskai Miracles Marcus Warula Legacy 10th anniversary Event @ Kassel Spielt e.V. (Germany) 5-8 18/09/22
Kroxa, Titan Of Death's Hunger Melvin Marcus Guevarra Duel Commander MTG LIPA'S Tourney @ Lipa City (Batangas, Philippines) 3 18/09/22
Creativity Marcus Roth Modern DreamHack Qualifier @ Greenfield Games 2 23/07/22
Creativity Marcus Roth Modern $30K @ SCG CON Syracuse 17-32 09/07/22
Abzan Greasefang Marcus De Queiroz Pioneer CCGQ @ XPlace (Brazil ?) 5-8 02/07/22
Landless Belcher Marcus Modern 10K Series @ Alaragames (Trollhättan, Sweden) 3-4 18/06/22
Amulet Titan MarcusMPV Modern MTGO Showcase Challenge 9 12/06/22
Boros Burn Marcus Decker Modern Gray Rooster League 2 @ Cúpula do Trovão (Pelotas, RS, Brasil) 4 12/04/22
Aminatou, The Fateshifter Melvin Marcus Magsino Duel Commander The Return of the Comeback x20 @ CMCK Canlubang (Laguna, Philippines) 3-4 03/04/22
UR Aggro Marcus Neal Modern SCG CON Indianapolis - Challenge @ Star City Games 8 19/03/22
Bruse Tarl + Thrasios Marcus Valbjørn cEDH Tier1CON Malmö Warmup @ Tier1MTG (Roedovre) 2 06/03/22
RDW Marcus Decker Modern Event @ Cúpula do Trovão (Pelotas, RS, Brasil) 4 22/02/22
Hammer Time MarcusMPV Modern MTGO Modern League 4 11/02/22
Indomitable Creativity Marcus Roth Modern Bull Moose x Weekend Anime 1k @ South Portland (Maine) 5-8 22/01/22
Jeskai Ascencency Marcus Trevino Modern Leaders #14 @ Magic Mage Masters (Switzerland) 5-8 10/12/21
UR Aggro Marcus Luong Legacy 1.5K @ ChannelFireball Game Center 5-8 05/12/21
Dimir Aggro Marcus Penhold Standard Melee sur Arena Octobre#6 @ Lord Hebus Magic 5-8 20/10/21
Aminatou, the Fateshifter Melvin Marcus Magsino Duel Commander DC Boksing Trials @ CMCK Canlubang (Laguna, Philippines) 1 24/07/21
Miracles Marcus Ewaldh Legacy Octagon @ Dice City Games & Team Lotus Box 2 12/03/21
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