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Aggro Elves Matthias Langner PTQ Nagoya (Lipzig, Germany) 3-4 02/04/11
Aggro Elves Alexandre Bakhtiarov PTQ Nagoya (Lipzig, Germany) 5-8 02/04/11
Elves Combo Sébastien Bernaud PTQ Nagoya (Clermont-Ferrand, France) 5-8 20/03/11
Ooze Combo Noham Maubert PTQ Nagoya (Clermont-Ferrand, France) 5-8 20/03/11
Elves Aggro Socratez PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2176302) 5-8 20/03/11
Aggro Elves Keegan Harwleg PTQ Nagoya (Burnsville, Minnesota) 2 19/03/11
Elves Combo Tyler Waddle PTQ Nagoya (Wichita, Kansas) 5-8 19/03/11
Elves Combo Scott Ouderkirk PTQ Nagoya (Wichita, Kansas) 5-8 19/03/11
Elves Combo Chris LaVassaur PTQ Nagoya (Denver , Colorado) 1 12/03/11
Elves Combo William Pritchard PTQ Nagoya (Denver , Colorado) 5-8 12/03/11
Elves Combo Andres Camargo PTQ Nagoya (Santiago, Chile) 5-8 12/03/11
Aggro Elves Brandden McDonough PTQ Nagoya (Seattle, Washington) 5-8 12/03/11
Aggro Elves Domingo Ottati PTQ Nagoya (Empoli, Italy) 3-4 06/03/11
Aggro Elves Taiki Suzuki PTQ Nagoya (Chiba, Japan) 5-8 27/02/11
GW Aggro Job Meertens PTQ Nagoya (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) 2 27/02/11
Aggro Elves DoctorBodgapopolus PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2104903) 5-8 27/02/11
Elves robbie_bolick PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2104903) 5-8 27/02/11
Aggro Elfes Watchwolf92 PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2104903) 5-8 27/02/11
Aggro Elves Hal Brady PTQ Nagoya (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 5-8 26/02/11
Elves Tyler Hilcox PTQ Nagoya (Santa Clara, California) 5-8 26/02/11
Aggro Elves Joe Timidaiski PTQ Nagoya (Vancouver, British Colombia) 3-4 26/02/11
Aggro Elves Kurtis Easter PTQ Nagoya (Denver, Colorado) 2 20/02/11
Aggro Elves Diego Ayuso PTQ Nagoya (Madrid, Spain) 3-4 20/02/11
Aggro Elves Marc Bauerett PTQ Nagoya (Düsseldorf, Germany) 2 19/02/11
Aggro Elves Robert Greenwood PTQ Nagoya (Mobile, Alabama) 5-8 19/02/11
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