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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
R/G Scapeshift meoni Magic-League Extended Trial 3 08/07/11
GWB Melira Persist Burton911 Magic-League Extended Trial 1 12/05/11
Wargate Scapeshift Makihito Mihara Grand Prix Kobe 2011 2 24/04/11
Vengevine Naya Ken'ichiro Omori Grand Prix Kobe 2011 3 24/04/11
Wargate Scapeshift Kentaro Ino Grand Prix Kobe 2011 8 24/04/11
Mythic Bant Doug McKay PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 1 10/04/11
Naya Scapeshift Hall S. PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 3-4 10/04/11
Naya no Vengevine Willie Kelly PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 5-8 10/04/11
Cruel Control Ken Tober PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 5-8 10/04/11
Naya Scapeshift Kyle Duncan PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 5-8 10/04/11
R/G Scapeshift Francesco Biscardi PTQ Nagoya (Siena, Italy) 1 10/04/11
R/G Scapeshift Ciro Boaventura PTQ Nagoya (Siena, Italy) 2 10/04/11
Wargate Scapeshift Stefano Bruttini PTQ Nagoya (Siena, Italy) 3-4 10/04/11
R/G Scapeshift Manuel Minucci PTQ Nagoya (Siena, Italy) 5-8 10/04/11
R/G Scapeshift Fabio Roseo PTQ Nagoya (Siena, Italy) 5-8 10/04/11
GW Trap Michael Lopate PTQ Nagoya (Sacramento, California) 3-4 09/04/11
R/G Scapeshift Giluio Faccini PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 1 03/04/11
Vengevine Naya Pierfrancesco Pennacchia PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 2 03/04/11
Vengevine Naya Federico Del Basso PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 3-4 03/04/11
Jund Federico Mastrorilli PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 3-4 03/04/11
Bant Midrange Alessio Fornari PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 5-8 03/04/11
R/G Scapeshift bender3 PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2229329) 5-8 03/04/11
R/G Scapeshift TinMan53 PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2229329) 5-8 03/04/11
R/G Scapeshift Dominaria_Ch0b1 PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2229329) 2 03/04/11
R/G Scapeshift cco PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2229329) 5-8 03/04/11
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