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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Caw Faeries Timothy Marco Caputo PTQ Nagoya (Torino, Italy) 5-8 03/04/11
Cruel Control Shawn Meyer PTQ Nagoya (Boise, Idaho) 5-8 02/04/11
Cruel Control Axel Lenain PTQ Nagoya (Paris, France) 3-4 02/04/11
Cruel Control Mark Conkle PTQ Nagoya (Des Moines, Iowa) 5-8 26/03/11
Cruel Control Marshall Sakaguchi PTQ Nagoya (Honolulu, Hawaii) 1 26/03/11
Cruel Control Benjamin Valay PTQ Nagoya (Bordeaux, France) 5-8 20/03/11
Cruel Control Tannon311 PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2176302) 3-4 20/03/11
Cruel Control Zack Hall PTQ Nagoya (Providence, Rhode Island) 2 19/03/11
Kozilek Caw-Blade Joshua McKnight PTQ Nagoya (Wichita, Kansas) 5-8 19/03/11
Cruel Control Shawn Meyer PTQ Nagoya (South Jordan, Utah) 3-4 12/03/11
Cruel Control David Gleicher PTQ Nagoya (Madison, Wisconsin) 3-4 05/03/11
Cruel Control Zach Baxter PTQ Nagoya (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 5-8 26/02/11
4C Control Takanori Watanabe PTQ Nagoya (Kanazawa, Japan) 3 20/02/11
Cruel Control Yliajo PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #/2086019) 2 20/02/11
Cruel Control David Gleicher PTQ Nagoya (Indianapolis, Indiana) 2 19/02/11
Cruel Control Tidus- Magic-League Extended Trial 2 16/02/11
Esper Control Keiji Takahashi PTQ Nagoya (Higashi-Kanagawa, Japan) 5-8 11/02/11
Cruel Control MilanoLawyer Magic-League Extended Trial 2 02/02/11
Cruel Control zbeg PTQ Nagoya (MTGO, #2022673) 3-4 29/01/11
Cruel Control Marco Cammilluzzi PTQ Nagoya (Bari, Italia) 5-8 23/01/11
Esper Lark Robert Rietze PTQ Nagoya (Colombus, Ohio) 2 16/01/11
Cruel Control Francesco Cipolleschi PTQ Nagoya (Roma, Italy) 1 16/01/11
Cruel Control Martin Goldman-Kirst PTQ Nagoya (Seattle, Washington) 3-4 16/01/11
Cruel Control Maksym Gryn PTQ Nagoya (Toronto, Canada) 1 16/01/11
Cruel Control Andrew Van Leeuwen PTQ Nagoya (Toronto, Canada) 2 16/01/11
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