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Cruel Control Ken Tober PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 5-8 10/04/11
Vengevine Naya Pierfrancesco Pennacchia PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 2 03/04/11
Vengevine Naya Federico Del Basso PTQ Nagoya (Frosinone, Italy) 3-4 03/04/11
Cruel Control Shawn Meyer PTQ Nagoya (Boise, Idaho) 5-8 02/04/11
Vengevine Naya William Foster PTQ Nagoya (Paris, France) 5-8 02/04/11
Bolt Caw-Blade Luca Ravagli PTQ Nagoya (Macarata, Italy) 5-8 13/03/11
Vengevine Naya Marco Cammilluzzi PTQ Nagoya (Macarata, Italy) 5-8 13/03/11
Cruel Control David Gleicher PTQ Nagoya (Madison, Wisconsin) 3-4 05/03/11
Vengevine Naya Hideaki Tsuchiya PTQ Nagoya (Chiba, Japan) 5-8 27/02/11
Vengevine Naya Wilko Kluytmans PTQ Nagoya (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) 5-8 27/02/11
Vengevine Naya Riccardo Neri PTQ Nagoya (Mantova, Italy) 3-4 27/02/11
Cruel Control Zach Baxter PTQ Nagoya (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 5-8 26/02/11
Vengevine Naya Jeremy Strayer PTQ Nagoya (Denver, Colorado) 1 20/02/11
B/R/W Control Jonathan Job PTQ Nagoya (Denver, Colorado) 3-4 20/02/11
Vengevine Naya Hiroki Sawa PTQ Nagoya (Higashi-Kanagawa, Japan) 3-4 11/02/11
Vengevine Naya Gennaro Mango PTQ Nagoya (Bari, Italia) 3-4 23/01/11
Vengevine Naya Daniel SpanÚ PTQ Nagoya (Verona, Italia) 5-8 23/01/11
Vengevine Naya Giacomo Ferrari PTQ Nagoya (Roma, Italy) 5-8 16/01/11
R/W/U Splinter Twin Alex Ledbetter PTQ Nagoya (Seattle, Washington) 1 16/01/11
Vengevine Naya Chris McAlexander PTQ Nagoya (Orlando, Florida) 3-4 15/01/11
Naya deramirez MTGO Extended Daily (#1953929) 1 08/01/11
Vengeant UW Control IAmPaulSung MTGO Extended Daily (#1910348) 2 02/01/11
Vengevine Naya Joran De Wageneer PTQ Nagoya (Amsterdam, Netherlands ) 3 02/01/11
Vengeant Control Sebastian Denno PTQ Honolulu 2009 - Seattle, USA 5-8 21/03/09
Gargadon Control Ken Adams PTQ Honolulu 2009 - Los Angeles 5-8 18/01/09
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