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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Zareth San, the Trickster Jan Kousal Duel Commander Tolarian Autumn Tournament @ Pardubice (CZE) 5-8 06/11/21
Svyelun of Sea and Sky Martin John Ogayon Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Fulcrum ESports (Cainta, Philippines) 2 30/10/21
Lavinia, Azorius Renegade Pavel Kuchař Duel Commander Duel EDH v Gumárně č.1 @ Čáslav (Czech Republic) 1 18/09/21
Zur The Enchanter Jorrell Ang Duel Commander Duel Commander Weekly @ Mana Underground (Lagro, Philippines) 3-4 01/08/21
Zur The Enchanter Lap Chung Cheung Duel Commander RJ Cup 2021 #6 @ League Castle (Mong Kok, Hong Kong) 3-4 13/02/21
Zur The Enchanter Aurélien "lorel" Cornet Duel Commander Zap Online Janvier @ Discord + Cockatrice 5 17/01/21
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Petr Klima Duel Commander DC LIGA @ Úvaly (Czech Republic) 4 31/08/20
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Guillaume O Duel Commander DC @ Secteur42 (Lens, France) 3-4 23/02/20
Zur The TT Thomas Mechin Duel Commander [DC] Saint-Nazaire 2020 @ Saint-Nazaire 3-4 23/02/20
Nicol Bolas, The Ravager Mac An Tsaoin Oisin Duel Commander Iron West Commander @ Plougastel-Daoulas 1 22/02/20
Akiri & Thrasios Stefan C. Duel Commander [DDL] Lounge League @ Darmstadt (Germany) 1 28/01/20
Zur Reanimator Pierre-yves Lefebvre Duel Commander Zap Janvier @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 12/01/20
Edric Guillaume "mana" Lacombe Duel Commander Nexus Duel Commander @ Muret (France) 5-8 24/11/19
Edric Alexander Loskoutoff Duel Commander Rennes Tournament Commander @ Rennes (France) 2 24/11/19
Edric Noham Maubert Duel Commander DTC Novembre 2019 @ Rouen 3-4 17/11/19
Nicol Bolas, The Ravager Mac An Tsaoin O. Duel Commander Trial ZAP @ Sortilčges (Brest, France) 3-4 16/11/19
Edric Spymaster Yohann Diliegro Duel Commander DC Magic Kemper 5-8 10/11/19
Edric Julien Parez Duel Commander ZAP Octobre @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 20/10/19
Edric Alexander "newtraderdu78" Loskoutoff Duel Commander ZAP Octobre @ Palaiseau (France) 2 20/10/19
Niv-mizzet, Parun Daniele Caldarola Duel Commander 4th Summer is Magic 2019 @ Palantir (Molfetta, Italy) 3 03/08/19
Varina Steven Garnier Duel Commander Magic Armor DC @ Saint Brieuc 5-8 21/07/19
Kess Luka Mrakovic Duel Commander Carta'jeu monthly DC @ Carta'jeu (Lyon, France) 2 14/04/19
Dragonlord Ojutai Richard Müller Duel Commander FNM Cologne Hiveworld @ Cologne 1 08/03/19
Kess, Dissident Mage Martin Holek Duel Commander 8th Prague DC tournament @ Prague 5-8 02/03/19
Kess Martin Holek Duel Commander Duel o dual @ Poděbrady 5 02/02/19
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