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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Ertai Ressurected Negão Duel Commander Beers & Boards 3ª Etapa @ Rio Grande (Brasil) 3-4 29/11/23
Ertai Resurrected Nathan Barnes Duel Commander Weekly DC Event @ The Collector's Zone(Jackson, MI) 1 17/11/23
Ertai Ressurected Marcelo Negão Duel Commander Magic & Choop League- 2º @ Rio Grande (Brasil) 1 15/11/23
Atraxa, Grand Unifier Neutrogena Duel Commander Le havre des Arpenteurs @ Rouvrel (France) 5-8 12/11/23
Dennick, Pious Apprentice Pierre Almaraz Duel Commander Fight Club Mtg Var Dc ! @ Immaterium café (Toulon, France) 2 10/11/23
Ertai Resurrected Maxime Morillon Duel Commander Relic Fest 2023 - Rebound @ Toulouse (France) 5-8 05/11/23
Aragorn, King Of Gondor Simon Baudrier Duel Commander DC @ Le Conseil Des Licornes (Bourges, France) 3-4 03/11/23
Dennick, Pious Apprentice Pierre Almaraz Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Jeuxdredi (Hyères,France) 1 03/11/23
Ertai Marcelo "negão" Borges Duel Commander 1ª League Chopps and Magic @ Rio Grande (Brasil ?) 2 30/10/23
Aragorn, King Of Gondor Mr Elfor Duel Commander DC Grimoire&Relic (La tanière) @ Les Herbiers (France ) 3-4 28/10/23
Dennick, Pious Apprentice Francis Figue Duel Commander Fight Club MTG Var Dc @ Immaterium café (Toulon,France) 3-4 28/10/23
Aragorn, King Of Gondor Jiangda Zhou Duel Commander Buban Monthly DC @ Buban Club (Shanghai,China) 5-8 22/10/23
Raffine, Scheming Seer Faulman Romain Duel Commander Champ. DC Split 2 3/3 @ Ile de la Réunion 5 15/10/23
Errant And Giada Kun Li Duel Commander Wool Cup for fun @ Kadou (Beijing, China) 2 14/10/23
Surrak Dragonclaw Alen Pavlič Duel Commander FNM @ MTG Obala (Koper, Slovenija) 4 13/10/23
Beluna Grandsquall Nicolas Alengry Duel Commander Nexus Episode 3 @ Muret (France) 5-8 13/10/23
Errant And Giada Wong Dik Fan Duel Commander Autumn promotional event @ Kadou (Beijing, China) 5-8 06/10/23
Ertai Resurrected Ai Shengjia Duel Commander Galaxy Cup #14 @ Naya (Jinan, China) 3 05/10/23
Ertai Resurrected Gerry S. Duel Commander 8th National Lounge League @ Darmstadt (Germany) 5-8 01/10/23
Vendilion Clique Nurbey « Agrian » Cerkezoglu Duel Commander DC REM @ Rouen (France) 5-8 01/10/23
Surrak Dragonclaw Omar Rohner Duel Commander End of Sugar Season @ Lima (Peru) 2 01/10/23
Aragorn Rhaegar Sébastien Duel Commander DC La Guilde @ La Rochelle 1 30/09/23
Ertai Resurrected Jean-baptiste Canonici Duel Commander Magic a Brac @ Maitre Renard (Lattes, France) 1 30/09/23
Ertai Resurrected Jean-baptiste Canonici Duel Commander Magic&Games DC League @ Montpellier (France) 1 27/09/23
Ertai Resurrected Jean-baptiste Canonici Duel Commander Fact 7 - Saturday Event @ Lyon (France) 5-8 16/09/23
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