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Drana, Liberator Of Malakir Lloyd Videz Duel Commander DC Trial League Q2 2022 @ Johnson Gaming (Baguio City, Philippines) 3-4 28/06/22
Old Stickfingers Dyi Mi Duel Commander FC Duel commander @ Fulcrum Esports Hub (Cainta, Philippines) 2 06/03/22
Miara + Tevesh Jean-baptiste Mandar Duel Commander Zap Octobre @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 31/10/21
Tevesh + Miara Bitzelberg Duel Commander [DDL] Lounge League @ Darmstadt (Germany) 2 18/08/21
Tergrid, God of Fright Mephy Duel Commander Weekly event ZAM @ Cockatrice + Discord 1 30/01/21
Yuriko, The Tiger's Shadow Gregor G. Duel Commander [DDL] Lounge League @ Darmstadt (Germany) 2 16/07/19
Karlov Remi Benetreau-dupin Duel Commander MagicTT @ Dooz Strasbourg 3-4 16/06/19
Kalitas Giuseppe Martello Duel Commander Duel Commander @ MAg,Napoli,Italy 2 06/10/18
Sidisi David Stepanek Duel Commander Trial DC Prague 5/6 @ Prague 1 28/07/18
Griselbrand Kevin Mourgeotte Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Libourne (France) 6 15/07/18
Sidisi Reanimator David Stepanek Duel Commander Bohemia Duel Commander 5th @ Prague 5-8 09/06/18
Sidisi David Stepanek Duel Commander Duel Commander Tournament Prague 4th 5-8 08/04/18
Iname Combo-control Eric "morchiswe" Genin Duel Commander Tournoi des Zaps du (Mars 2018) 5-8 04/03/18
Edgar Markov Thanh Sang N Duel Commander Legendary Tournament Commander 3-4 10/09/17
Kalitas, Traitor Of Ghet Nicolas David Duel Commander Le Caméléon - DC (Tours, France) 5 27/08/17
The Gitrog Monster Mark Toh Duel Commander Gatecrashers 15k Duel Commander Tournament (Quezon City, Philippines 3-4 20/08/17
The Gitrog Monster Martial "mars" Moreau Duel Commander DC Chez le Voisin 3rd Edition (Trial DTC) 3-4 09/04/17
Gitrog Martial Moreau Duel Commander Duel Commander (St Nazaire, France) 5-8 19/03/17
Griselbrand Moncana Duel Commander ZAP Palaiseau Decembre 5-8 11/12/16
The Gitrog Monster Maxime Allée Duel Commander Trial DTC Warning Tournament Fatality 1 29/06/16
Sidisi, Undead Vizier Earl Castel Duel Commander 1/2 May Duel Commander Tournament, Filbar's Ayala Terraces, Quezon City Philippines 2 15/05/16
Sidisi, Reanimator Vizier Paul Ridoux Duel Commander Aquilon's war 1 2 21/02/16
Sidisi, Reanimator Vizier Victor Capron Duel Commander DC Llevelwin #1 - Trial DTC (Orléans) 5-8 13/02/16
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Rafael Schettini Duel Commander Duel Commander Mensal - Fevereiro 3-4 13/02/16
Sidisi, Reanimator Vizier Earl Castel Duel Commander Philippines Super Series 2016 - 1st leg (Cubao, Philippines) 1 30/01/16
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