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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Selesnya Wilson Anthony Aguirre Duel Commander DC East League @ King and Queen Milktea (Marikina City, Philippines) 3-4 07/08/22
Trelasarra, Moon Dancer Jairo Marcelo Duel Commander [RC] 12ş Torneio Cachu @ Cachoeiro-ES (Brasil) 1 23/07/22
Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer Juca Duel Commander [RC] 8Ş Liga Real Commander @ Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) 1 17/07/22
Lae'zel / Master Chef Jairo Marcelo Duel Commander [RC] 11ş Torneio Cachu @ Cachoeiro-ES ( Brasil) 3-4 16/07/22
Wilson White Aerwin Asico Duel Commander Duelan sa TG @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 2 02/07/22
Jetmir, Nexus Of Revels Primo Duel Commander [RC] 6ş torneio ManavaiBR @ Manavai (Campo Grande-RJ, Brazil)) 3-4 25/05/22
Trelasarra, Moon Dancer Jairo Marc Duel Commander [RC] 7ş Torneio Cachu @ Espirito Santo (Brasil) 3-4 20/05/22
Sythis Thibault Talpin Duel Commander Duelcommander Wars @ Libourne (France) 5-8 10/04/22
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Primo Duel Commander Vanguarda 3 @ Vanguarda Geek (Bangu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 2 27/03/22
Sythis Scribe Lohengrin Duel Commander Agoncillo Cup Duel @ Sakura (Antipolo City, Philippines) 1 26/03/22
Sythis Petr Tejnský Duel Commander Duel o dual #11 @ Poděbrady (CZE) 1 12/02/22
Sythis, Harvest's Hand Juca Duel Commander 4a Liga Real Commander @ Manavai (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 3-4 05/02/22
Katilda, Dawnhart Prime Maxime Taborski Duel Commander Ptit Ravelois Dual Comander @ Ravel (France) 5-8 05/12/21
Sythis Alexandre Lejeail Duel Commander Festival du Jeu @ Mondicourt (France) 5-8 14/11/21
Sythis, Harvest's Hand Petr Tejnský Duel Commander duel o Dual @ Poděbrady CZ 2 23/10/21
Sythis, Harvest's Hand Juca Duel Commander II Liga Duel - R$ 250 @ Bangu (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 2 28/08/21
Sythis Juca Duel Commander II Liga Duel @ Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 2 27/08/21
Emmara Guzmán Pelaez Duel Commander Duel Commander Shark Games @ Málaga (Spain) 2 01/03/20
Emmara, Soul Of The Accord Joseph Aliaga Duel Commander DC @ The Monkey Planet (Lima, Peru) 3 07/12/19
Arahbo, Roar Of The World Cuchet Martin (spigusheegu) Duel Commander Trial ZAP @ Asian Gate (Blois, France) 3 18/08/19
Arahbo, Roar Of The World Bukatin Nikita Duel Commander City Championship Summer '19 @ Volgo Games (Russia) 5-8 30/06/19
Arahbo, Roar Of The World Nils H. Duel Commander [DDL] Lounge League @ Darmstadt, Germany 1 20/06/19
Arahbo, Roar Of The World Luc Duel Commander Trial Zap @ Nexus (Muret, France) 3-4 16/06/19
Arahbo Denis Vienne Duel Commander ZAP Avril @ Palaiseau 9-16 21/04/19
Kitty Cat Jannik Dewald Duel Commander FNM Cologne Hiveworld @ Cologn @ Hiveworld Cologne 3-4 15/03/19
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