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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Show and Tell TheYostWithTheMost MTGO Legacy Challenge 1 17/06/19
Maverick m0ller MTGO Legacy Challenge 2 17/06/19
Grixis Control Svaca MTGO Legacy Challenge 3 17/06/19
UR Delver kentaro_hokori MTGO Legacy Challenge 4 17/06/19
UR Delver Mzfroste MTGO Legacy Challenge 5 17/06/19
Death & Taxes Bahra MTGO Legacy Challenge 6 17/06/19
UR Delver Urza2109 MTGO Legacy Challenge 7 17/06/19
Echo of Eons Storm mis4tune MTGO Legacy Challenge 8 17/06/19
WG Justador MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 8 17/06/19
RB hzk MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 7 17/06/19
RB Wolftap Boy MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 6 17/06/19
BU abelusk MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 5 17/06/19
UG tamir1313 MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 4 17/06/19
WG Gul_Dukat MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 3 17/06/19
RB Sephh MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 2 17/06/19
UR fandenunu MTGO Sealed WAR Block MCQ 1 17/06/19
Red Deck Wins ElYallo MTGO Standard League 1 17/06/19
Esper Control Swish41 MTGO Standard League 2 17/06/19
UR Aggro paulx441 MTGO Standard League 3 17/06/19
Mono Blue Aggro Venom1 MTGO Standard League 4 17/06/19
Nexus Reclamation oosunq MTGO Standard League 5 17/06/19
Jeskai Planeswalker _Falcon_ MTGO Standard League 6 17/06/19
Simic Mass Manipulation ArielNagy MTGO Standard League 7 17/06/19
Bant Aggro yoshiky MTGO Standard League 8 17/06/19
Urza's Thopter Hayden Jeanson 3k Modern Open @ Chimera Gaming 2 16/06/19
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