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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Mardu Aggro Knights Alexus#28132 MagicFest Online - Qualifier 1 1 27/05/20
Mardu Knight Aggro Adrian Casabo League @ The Monkey Planet 2 18/05/20
Mardu Knights Aggro Alessandro Bernabei Lega @ Comix Café 2 17/05/20
Mardu Knight Aggro Phil Samms The DWC Organizational IV @ The Disorganized Wizards Club 9-16 17/05/20
Mardu Knights Aggro Ferran Relat Torneos de confinamiento @ NSP 1 17/05/20
Mardu Knight Aggro Chicken93 Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier I 2 16/05/20
Mardu Knight Jakers1016 MagicFest Online - Season 2 Finals 17-32 09/05/20
Adventure Josh Horst Star City Games IQ @ Spring Lake 5-8 28/12/19
BR hzk MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 7 22/12/19
Clover Knights Voltaiclv AetherHub Community Tournament @ MTG Arena 5-8 21/12/19
Golgari Aggro Ally Warfield Mythic Championship VII Long Beach Other 06/12/19
Golgari Adventure Autumn Burchett Mythic Championship VII Long Beach Other 06/12/19
Golgari Adventures Mimi Arthur Mythic Championship VII Long Beach Other 06/12/19
Adventure VTCLA MTGO Standard League 4 05/12/19
RB jakajaka MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 3-4 25/11/19
BR Hoej MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 5-8 25/11/19
Adventure CLYDE THE GLIDE DREXLER MTGO Standard PTQ 13 23/11/19
BG __JankyMerc__ MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 1 11/11/19
Abzan Aggro Kyle Knezovich Star City Games IQ @ Columbus 5-8 10/11/19
Mardu Knight Simon Demay WPNQ @ Majestik Games (Villejuif, France) 5-8 10/11/19
Adventure soccerdude789 MTGO Standard League 4 07/11/19
Adventure Emily Wright Star City Games IQ @ Toronto 3-4 02/11/19
Adventure AliEnWaRe_ MTGO Standard League 15 28/10/19
Adventure Isaiah Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend 19 27/10/19
Rakdos Aggro Saitou Takaya The 15th God of Standard @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 26/10/19
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