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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Torens, Fist of the Angels Rodolfo Nicoli Duel Commander Torneo DCA IV @ Arequipa (Perù) 5 20/08/23
Gluntch, the Bestower Abemelech "poison King" Hiponia cEDH Anime Fest 2023 @ Iloilo City (Philippines) 3-4 17/04/23
Torens, Fist Of The Angels Rodolfo Nicoli Duel Commander DC end of white season @ Lima (Peru) 3-4 09/10/22
Humans Takeo Kai Pioneer Event @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 09/04/22
Humans Takeo Kai Pioneer FNM @ Hareruya (Fukuoka, Japan) 2 08/04/22
Abzan Legends Paul Fullmer Historic Tournament #16 @ TragicTG 3-4 16/05/21
Humans iHuman Pioneer MTGO Pioneer League 8 13/08/20
Sisay, Weatherlight Captain Vitor Siqueira Duel Commander 5º FNM House of Cards em Casa @ Santos (Brazil) 2 24/07/20
Saffi Eriksdotter Laetitia Prigent Duel Commander Mardi Magic @ Sortilèges (Vannes, France) 1 14/07/20
Emmara, Soul Of The Accord Joseph Aliaga Duel Commander DC @ The Monkey Planet (Lima, Peru) 3 07/12/19
Selesnya Human Julien Invernizzy Modern Big Modern 2019 @ Cherbourg (France) 3-4 30/06/19
Naya Aggro Semulin Standard Fandom Legends Caster Cup 5-8 30/06/19
Najeela The Blade Blossom Thomas Bagdadlian Duel Commander Angelic Tournament Commander 9 @ Valence (France) 2 19/05/19
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom Simon Carrie Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Nexus (Muret, France) 3-4 11/05/19
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom Oleg 'oeoe' Evseev Duel Commander April Starlight daily @ Moscow 1 09/04/19
Najeela Pierre-yves Lefebvre Duel Commander Zap Mars @ Palaiseau (France) 5-8 10/03/19
Najeela Arnaud Bonenfant Duel Commander Zap Mars @ Palaiseau (France) 5-8 10/03/19
Bant Hero Simon Kamerow Standard NRG $5k Championship Trial @ Bloomington, Illinois 5-8 02/03/19
Bant Aggro Searzist Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 21/02/19
Nabila Pierre-yves Lefèbvre Duel Commander ZAP Février @ Palaiseau 3-4 10/02/19
Boros Aggro TombSimon Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 6 28/01/19
Abzan Aggro Uniq Standard MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 24/01/19
Naya Tokens Semulin Standard Twitch Rivals @ Online (Arena) 3-4 18/12/18
Saskia The Unyielding Luca Sassu MTGO Commander SCL#2 @ Mr Magic Savona 1 24/11/18
Najeela Yacine Labidi Duel Commander ZAP November @ Palaiseau (France) 1 11/11/18
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