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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Samut, Vizier Of Naktamun Leonardo Maeda Duel Commander TNDC "Logistics Day" @ Bolovo Games (Santos, Brazil) 1 06/06/23
Gruul Aggro Philip Kwan Pioneer 10k RCQ @ Dreamhack (Dallas) 17-32 04/06/23
Grist, The Hunger Tide Raphael Biane Duel Commander CR Midi Pyrénées @ Toulouse (France) 9-16 04/06/23
Klothys, God Of Destiny Axel Carbajal Duel Commander Helio Tournament #3 @ Trujillo (Perú) 2 04/06/23
Gruul Aggro Alvin Yeo Pioneer MTG SEA Championships Open - Oracle Events @ Singapore 17-32 04/06/23
Grist, The Hunger Tide Zinan Xu Duel Commander S3 RC Side DC @ Kadou (Shanghai, China) 5-8 04/06/23
Gruul Aggro Nagayama Sō Pioneer Champions Cup Qualifier @ Hareruya (Sendai, Japan) 5-8 03/06/23
Gruul Aggro pokerswizard Pioneer MTGO Challenge 9 03/06/23
Saffi Eriksdotter Wai Kuen Wong Duel Commander RJ Cup 2023#18 @ League Castle (Mong Kok, Hong Kong) 1 03/06/23
Gruul Aggro Francisco Rocha Pioneer The Gathering Showdown Series 17-32 03/06/23
Gruul Aggro Jodyk Pioneer U.S. Regional Championship @ Dreamhack (Dallas) 65-128 03/06/23
Slimefoot And Squee Ruiyuan Shao Duel Commander Wool Cup for fun @ Kadou (Beijing, China) 1 03/06/23
5cc MentalMisstep Legacy MTGO Super Qualifier 8 02/06/23
Golgari Aggro Marcos Acosta Pioneer On Demand Last Chance Qualifier#12 @ DreamHack Magic - Dallas 2023 3-4 02/06/23
Gruul Aggro Bryguy110 Pioneer On Demand Last Chance Qualifier#4 @ DreamHack Magic - Dallas 2023 5-8 02/06/23
Elves Sawatarix Legacy Double Up V - High 5 Legacy @ Brettspielplatz (Berlin, Germany) 5-8 01/06/23
Gruul Aggro Sb36 Historic Weekday Night Magic @ Realistic MTG club 1 31/05/23
Samut, Vizier of Naktamun Leonardo Maeda Duel Commander TNDC "Women in Military Day" @ Bolovo Games (Santos, Brazil) 3-4 30/05/23
Golgari Aggro Chipsoss Pioneer MTGO League 6 29/05/23
Slimefoot And Squee Hugo Dodelin Duel Commander DC doté du Barjo @ Jeux Barjo (Bordeaux, France) 2 28/05/23
Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis Julien Rouar Duel Commander DC doté du Barjo @ Jeux Barjo (Bordeaux, France) 3-4 28/05/23
Turbo Animar Roch-antoine Lachaîne Duel Commander Duel de Commandants #6 @ Collect-Édition (Candiac, Québec) 1 28/05/23
Gallia Of The Endless Dance Raphael Mestres Duel Commander Nexus Duel Commander - #2 @ Nexus (Muret, France) 5-8 28/05/23
Gruul Vehicles Victor (canab*%$#) Lima Pioneer RCQ @ Caverna do Dragão (Recife, Brasil) 1 28/05/23
Gruul Vehicles Roberto Nogueira Pioneer RCQ @ Ludo Quest (Volta Redonda, Brazil) 3-4 28/05/23
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