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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Emry Luis Kamper FNM Hiveworld @ Cologne (Germany) 1 11/10/19
Emry Damien Eventwin Jantzen Wednesday DC cup @ Aubagne (France) 1 09/10/19
Urza Emry Zyrnak MTGO Modern Challenge 1 06/10/19
Emry Marek Vardzik 10th Prague DC @ Prague (Czech Republic) 5-8 05/10/19
Paradoxical Urza Thiago Taranto 2nd Peppa Championship @ Florianópolis (Brazil) 5 05/10/19
Urza Michael Plummer Star City Games IQ @ Enfield 1 28/07/19
Urza Higuchi Yuuma Emperor of Modern 6th @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 23/06/19
Urza's Thopter Hayden Jeanson 3k Modern Open @ Chimera Gaming 2 16/06/19
Grinding Station Selene Elizabeth Bergers M3 Master Series @ Mol 2 02/03/19
KCI Brian Boss SCG Invitational Qualifier Lenexa 5-8 29/07/17
Sharuum the Hegemon Max Palachev Citadel-Volgograd Commander Open 1 3-4 29/08/15
Arcum Dagsson Maxence Achoun EDH (Rouen) 5 28/08/11
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