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Lord Skitter, Sewer King Hongchen Zhang Duel Commander A-Ma Cup N+21 @ Model Card (Beijing, China) 2 16/02/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Bastien Jegat Duel Commander Magic&Games Invitational #2 @ Montpellier (France) 3-4 11/02/24
Mono Black Aggro FerMTG Standard MTGO Challenge 64 5-8 04/02/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King Gabriel Lefez Duel Commander DTC n°12 @ Rouen (France) 1 28/01/24
Sheoldred, the Apocalypse Michael Frýd Duel Commander DC @ (České Budějovice, Czech Republic) 4 20/01/24
Lord Skitter, Sewer King The Nameless One Duel Commander Tournoi d'après fêtes @ Le Vizz (Rouen, France) 3-4 14/01/24
Mono Black Aggro Igor#20840 Standard Tournament @ Rapsolo's 3-4 04/01/24
Golgari Aggro Amagai Masahiro Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 25/12/23
Mono Black Aggro OnlyLandsDotCom Pioneer MTGO League 6 23/12/23
Mono Black Aggro Ryan Baudler Standard Hareruya Cup @ TC (Osaka, Japan) 3-4 16/12/23
Mono Black Aggro Kellanved0 Pioneer MTGO League 3 14/12/23
Dimir Aggro jakobpablo Standard MTGO Challenge 64 16 10/12/23
Dimir Aggro jakobpablo Standard MTGO Challenge 64 16 10/12/23
Dimir Aggro jussupinator Standard MTGO Last Chance 12 28/11/23
Dimir Aggro Masayuki Tsukiji Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 27/11/23
Rakdos Aggro Johnson Standard First Notification “Rebellion” Cup @ MagicTyw 3-4 25/11/23
None Hiroyuki Sakamoto Legacy 2023 Asia Legacy Championship @ Big Magic (Japan) W/L 24/11/23
Mono Black Aggro Daniel Lancion Standard APAC League Fridays @ Block101 Hobbies (Philippines) 2 24/11/23
Mono Black Aggro Alejandro Vazquez Standard Final Liga @ Trade Store (Paraguay) 5-8 24/11/23
Dimir Aggro jussupinator Standard MTGO Preliminary 2 22/11/23
Gut Rakdos Drissou57 Duel Commander Dooz Tournament #3 Rebound DC @ Dooz (Strasbourg, France) 3-4 19/11/23
Golgari Aggro Morita Fuyuki Standard Daily Tournaments @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 13/11/23
Mono Black Aggro Nrvs Standard Construído do TorTo (276) 5-8 06/11/23
Sheoldred Duel Pablo Porciuncula Duel Commander 1ª League Chopps and Magic @ Rio Grande (Brasil ?) 3-4 30/10/23
Cultist Of The Absolute // Gut, True Soul Zealot Hugo Blanchet Duel Commander DC @ Guyajeux (Salon de Provence, France) 3-4 29/10/23
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