netdecking with the stars


Basic lands :
Number of MD basic lands of a given type
Total number of MD basic lands

ex: 26.6% means that 26,6% of maindeck basic lands in all decks are Plains.

Other cards :
Number of MD copies of the given card
Total number of copies of that card

ex: Quilled Wolf 67.1% means that 67.1% of Quilled Wolf copies are MD, and therefore that 32.9% of them are sideboarded.

Multipliers / Dividers

Multipliers compare the MD percentage of a given card with the average percentage of cards with the same rarity.

ex: Quilled Wolf x 2.2 means that the MD percentage of that card (67.1%) is 2.2 times higher than the average for commons (30.9%).

ex: Choked Estuary 1.8 means that the MD percentage of that card (27.4%) is 1.8 times lower than the average for rares (49.4%).
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